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Penang agents most worried about COVID-19 second wave.

Press release from Juwai-IQI.

Most of Members of the Malaysian Real Estate Industry Not Too Worried About COVID-19 

Industry in Sarawak and Penang Most Worried. Johor Least Worried.

Fifty-nine percent of members of the Malaysian residential real estate industry say they are ”Moderately,’ ‘A Little,’ or ‘Not at All’ worried that Malaysia might experience a second wave of infections requiring another Movement Control Order (MCO). That is according to a new Juwai IQI survey of 344 Malaysian real estate agent panelists.

By contrast, 41% are more concerned and say they are ‘Extremely’ or ‘Very’ worried. 
“The least worried state is Johor, where not a single respondent reports feeling ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ worried. Sixty-three percent of agents in Johor are ‘moderately’ worried.

Kashif Ansari, Juwai IQI Executive Director, said:
“The results highlight how seriously the real estate industry is taking the pandemic. Even though Malaysia is one of the countries that has best managed COVID-19, we all know that we have to continue to be responsible to avoid fueling new outbreaks. We all have to practice disciplined safety measures. In the real estate industry, that also means using technology to accomplish things that used to require meetings.

“After having gone through the first MCO, I think no one wants to see the country have to lock down like that again.

“Compared to other countries, Malaysia has done a remarkable job. This has put Malaysia on the world map, making it a great country for medical tourism and an attractive investment destination. 

When we came out of the MCO, the government warned us all to be disciplined so we don’t give the virus another chance to spread. So, far, it seems to be working.

Agents Use Tech to Fight COVID
“I really believe the real estate industry has been one of the most effective at fighting the spread of the Coronavirus. Real estate agents now use technology to do things that they used to have to do in person. We use technology to help people learn about property, to help them view it, and to help them buy it.

“In the first half of 2020, IQI Global’s sales in Malaysia were 30% higher than in the same period of 2019. 

“In 2019, Juwai IQI started investing in technology. We have rolled out technologies such as streaming listings presentations, online events, virtual tours, and 3D renderings. By the time the Coronavirus pandemic came to Malaysia, we had all the tools in place to allow us to keep helping people buy and sell real estate.

“Across the economy, there has been a shift from traditional companies to technology enabled companies. Retail has moved to Lazada and Shopee, meetings have moved from cafes and conference rooms to Zoom, and real estate has moved from traditional agencies to Juwai IQI.

The speed with which Malaysia has made this shift is one reason global technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google are showing interest in developing Malaysia into a regional hub for information technology.“

3 Ways Real Estate Agents Fight COVID-19

  1. Keep hands cleans with soap, water, and hand sanitizer.
  2. Wear masks in public and when around others.
  3. Use technology for video meetings, virtual tours, online events, online marketing, 3D rendering, and digital contract signing.

— end of press release —

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