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Myra Collaborates with Maybank Islamic to Ease Homeownership

Press Release: Myra Collaborates with Maybank Islamic to Ease Homeownership

Homeownership is a goal that many Malaysians strive for as it marks your independence and life’s achievement that you can be proud of. But buying a home isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves your life’s savings that go to the downpayment and other hidden costs that buying a home comes with. Seeing and hearing the plight of the market, pioneering developer Myra believes that homeownership should not be as complicating and daunting as it currently is. Thus taking steps towards looking out for ways that can help potential homeowners with their home buying journey.

ease homeownership

Enter HouzKEY, a home financing solution that was introduced by Maybank Islamic to assist potential first-time homebuyers who are not able to buy their dream home because of the high upfront costs that homeownership incurs. First-timers will be able to have 100% financing while not having to fork out payments for the construction of their dream home at the same time. They will also be able to appreciate the lowest monthly payment.

As Myra and HouzKEY have been fully focusing their fruitful individual efforts towards making a difference in the industry with education and building homes that are catered towards first-timers, they have dug deep into understanding more of the first-timer market more and more each day. With that knowledge and understanding of what the market is looking for, Myra has collaborated with Maybank Islamic’s HouzKEY for alternative homeownership solutions that first-timers can take further advantage of. 

“One of the main issues in becoming a homeowner is the high entry costs and loan affordability that homeownership requires. With HouzKEY, families would be able to land a home of their own without having to fork out the 10% down-payment of the home’s price, making homeownership a whole lot easier for many Malaysians,” said Wendy, General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Myra.

Managing Director of Maybank’s Real Estate Venture, Sally Lye Saw Im said “HouzKEY provides Malaysians with the opportunity to own their dream home by offering 100% financing and zero payments during the construction period. We understand the challenges and obstacles homebuyers have faced in the past. Being at the heart of the community, we hope the introduction of HouzKEY can be the solution for Malaysians in their journey to own a home.”

To start the ball rolling, Myra Saujana is Myra’s first township development that will be in partnership with Maybank Islamic HouzKEY. Located in a town called Sungai Merab that’s just a mere 10-minute drive away from Putrajaya, Myra Saujana consists of both double-storey Superlink and double-storey Semi-D homes that emphasize space, convenience, and flexibility. The first floor of both types of homes comes with en-suite bathrooms for each individual room which grants privacy.

Residents at Myra Saujana would also appreciate the space that the kitchen area provides as it has been fully extended all the way to the back for Superlinks. This allows them to save up on and be free from the hassle of renovation costs and makes it ideal for HouzKEY homeowners as they will be able to utilize their entire home fully without making any changes that their lifestyle would require. 

HouzKEY homeowners will be able to enjoy the built-up of the Superlink as the 2,338 – 2,370  sq ft is considered to be one of the biggest built-up in the area for terrace homes with just a price tag of RM 698,000 or an estimate monthly payment of RM1,500 a month with is considerably more affordable than a loan instalment of RM2,489 a month.

Additionally, interested HouzKEY homeowners who are looking for a larger landed home for their family would find the Semi-Ds in Myra Saujana an ideal home that provides the space that they’re looking for as there are not many Semi-D options available in the area.

The Semi-D comes with an extra land at the back and side, as well as ample bedroom space that caters to large families perfectly with just an affordable monthly payment of RM2,230 a month as compared to its mortgage instalment of RM4,080 a month as the price of the Semi-D begins at RM1,030,000. Other features that the HouzKEY homeowners can look forward to is the underground cabling and concealed drainage for the entire township. 

Location convenience is another feature for HouzKEY homeowners who are living in Myra Saujana. With the short distance that it takes to go to Putrajaya, the main market that Myra Saujana aims for is the government staff who work there. Furthermore, there are various amenities available nearby as the township is located in the centre of Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang, and Dengkil.

“Myra Saujana is a great township for the collaboration with HouzKEY as it offers many features, mainly the accessibility to neighbouring major towns and different home types with various land sizes for homebuyers that will suit their lifestyle’s needs,” said Wendy Lim. “With HouzKEY, Malaysians will have a home financing solution to combat the trials first-time buyers face.”

To keep up to date with their latest developments, as well as practical tips and advice involving property and finance, you can reach Myra on a WhatsApp link or follow Myra’s profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information, visit

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