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My Property journey with 5 ladies

My journey as a people manager cum mentor was tested and strengthened when I had to take care of four unpolished diamonds. They accelerated my learning curve tremendously and we went through a lot of tough times and great times. This is their short story.
E is her name. I hired her when I was in the midst of moving office. We were alone in an empty room with just two chairs. She came for an interview and somehow I convinced her to join on Thursday and I told her that we are flying to KL on following Monday. I am forever indebted to this lady who made the office a home and  colleagues became close friends. Her best achievement, learning and using Mandarin though she’s an Indonesian!
V is her name. Her presentation skills left much to be desired. She knows very little about online business knowledge. She does not know a lot about property market. She can be harsh to people who works slow and ineffective. Yet, this petite lady is kind hearted and today, easily and definitely qualifies as a team lead with her experience and knowledge in online and property. I would like to speculate too that she is having an amazing love story at this moment. 🙂
H was hired by me in Ipoh. She was formerly a QA Engineer inspecting of all things, FLOUR. She was on the verge of joining another job as sales executive for FLOUR. I asked her, are you really looking forward to be top flour saleswomen? Fortunately she was able to think objectively and joined me. Today, she is fully independent and very well known amongst many clients as hardworking, friendly and knowledgeable. Her famous quote is APALAI.
C hated me for reasons known only to her when I became her manager. She told me she visited ALL her clients but was unable to meet them the second time. She said it’s not her problem, clients are just not interested. Her knowledge about property? Zero. Her presentation involves opening the power point and say everything she sees. Today, she rub shoulders with senior managers easily and recently closed one of her largest deals ever. My prediction is that she will be Mrs. XXX next year.
SM was already negative when I took over southern office. She was close to resigning because she had no interest in admin. She does not even want to talk to me because she thinks I am a new stranger in her life. However, reluctantly she had lunch with me as I am her new branch head. After some on the job training, she is performing well and today is definitely the top in her department. Always saying WOO HOO! She is still waiting for the guy to tell her…….
All five would definitely be very successful and I would love to see that. As Steve Jobs say, ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’. In short, never ever feel no more improvements necessary and never ever feel you are already top of the world.   🙂
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  1. to have a successful team in an organisation, great leader needed.
    Lead by proven direction, and yet listen to possible changes so that we may improve the end result. Encourage everyone that anything is possible, by using the right “tools” and every once and a while “standing away from the painting” to get the whole picture from a different view, and finally TRUST YOUR TEAM… Accept the challenges, and approach it with the “possible”attitude, be the first ones to step forward…”I have never stood alone, We are a team”

  2. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of them and at least from my limited experience, it’s a great combo of leading and learning….congrats on and all

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