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Most expensive Penang Property – CONDO

My childhood friend from Ipoh used to say that rich people in Penang only buys landed. Only middle class like myself would buy a much more affordable apartment or condominium. I hope he reads this because I just wanted to let him know that there is NO WAY we can ever buy these condominiums in Penang. As per, the below are the three listings which are the most expensive at this moment. These are really by far only for the super rich and famous. Let’s look at them.
First one is Mayfair Condominium along the Millionaire’s Row. Until today I have yet to have any friend who could bring me inside to understand why is it so expensive and who are some of the people staying inside. I am also shy to make appointment to view the property because even if the price can be paid in Monopoly, I think we may need more than one set!
Second is Infinity Beachfront Condo. I have also never been to this but can you see the word ‘beachfront’ there? The premium starts from this one word. This one is in Tanjung Bungah which is well known to be only for those whose fortunes are huge. The water is supposedly cleaner than my place in Sungai Ara. Yes, my friend argued with me on that until I say, fine, I am using filtered water anyway, so my DRINKING water is as fine as your DRINKING water.
Third is Gurney Paragon. This one, I have been! Somehow I was shown around and the condo is really huge and has very nice seaview, when it is not low tide and we see the muddy terrain. The extra thing this one has is, it’s right above the Gurney Paragon which is top 3 mall in Penang now, together with Queensbay and Gurney Mall.
There, for those who are earning normal pay like me, it is ok. We can still sip our cup of Starbucks with our friends. I bet you the owners of these units may just also love to sip Starbucks like we do.
written on 11th Dec 2013.
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