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Thinking of “Buying Property Like a Pro?” Get this book.

My good friend has just published a new book. “Buying Property Like a Pro.” This is a book suitable for first-time home buyer as well as those who has a home and is now thinking about the next one; either an upgrade or an investment property.

His personal message as below:

I have just launched my new book, “Buying Property Like A Pro”. 

I concur that buying or investing in real estate is never easy, so, in this book I want to show you the proper steps you need to take to avoid costly mistakes. Buying property involves hundreds of thousands if not, millions of ringgit, therefore, we should be careful how we manoeuvre our hard earned money in the process.

If you happen to be a first time home buyer or property investor, this book is for you. Within the 250 pages of this book is wisdom which is gained purely by experience. And you know what they say about experience….it IS the best teacher. Here you will read about the process of buying property, mortgage financing, the future of property investment and so much more.  

Before you embark in your property journey, I recommend a read of this book first. 

I have written this book out of my 21 years of property and mortgage experience having worked at Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Leong Bank and HSBC before leaving the rat race to start my own consulting company 13 years ago. Throughout that time, I have processed thousands of mortgage cases and have done uncountable property consultancy sessions. When I first started in 1998 there was hardly any training or references that I could lean on to. Thus, I learned by doing everything hands-on in all my cases. Most of my experiences come from solving complex cases. Imagine the happy faces on people when they are finally able to buy their property.  I am sharing all my experience in “Buying Property Like A PRO”.

Giving training and talks to the public in property events organised by my own company, developers, event companies and real estate bodies have helped me understand the sentiments of the general public. Find out more at 

To make this book truly 306* complete, I have invited my 10 friends and my “Investor Club” members to share their experience in buying their first house and also their journey in becoming successful property investors. 

I would like to extend special thanks to my guests authors, Charles Tan, Elane Goh,  WK Ng, Barry Looi, Alvinn Wong, Lee Soon Keong, SC Tan, Goh Chee Yong, Teoh Thiam Lian and Jesseton Chee for sharing their experience with everyone. 

I hope that you will find this book useful in your property journey.

Click here to invest a very small amount in your property investment journey. “Buying Property Like A PRO”.

— end of Miichael’s message. —

I have also written a personal chapter in this book too. If you like to know all those negative thought which was in my mind when I was thinking of starting my property investment journey… If you like to know all the considerations I did before buying… If you just like to know when, how and what of my property investment journey within one chapter, get this book.

Click here to invest a very small amount in your property investment journey. “Buying Property Like A PRO”.

Note: does not get any commission from the sale of the book. You are purchasing the book directly from Miichael Yeoh. Cheers.

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