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MBO @ Starling Mall. Worth visiting and mall’s improving!

Do you wish to spend a quality 2 hour with your partner and yet still having your kids around you? Cafes are not a good idea as kids have nothing to do and would get bored fast. There’s an additional choice now. MBO Kecil. My kids love playground, even if they are repeating the same slide for half an hour. They love to watch movies too, well for the first hour anyway. When I read about a new MBO cinema with a new hall called MBO Kecil in Starling Mall, I told my wife and we agree that we should go one of these days. That was weeks ago. The main reason for not going until today? Well, I feel that there’s nothing else at Starling Mall plus the parking fee is also not cheap when compared to my favourite 1Utama mall. The ‘damage’ today? RM12. Ouch. The last time we went there (many months back), we struggle to even find a place for lunch. There were just too few options!
Anyway, this time, I must say that the experience was good. MBO cinema launched their MBO Kecil which is targeted at family with kids. The ticket price per adult is RM17 while my two kids are under the ‘free’ category currently. So, for RM34, we enjoyed ‘Wonder Woman’ for over 2 hours. My son was too tired and slept nearly the whole time while my daughter was running non-stop with many other kids at the playground which was within the cinema itself. My wife and I enjoyed the movie tremendously and it was the first time we need not be watching a cartoon (TGV Family Cinema)! Haha.  If you have a family with toddlers, perhaps this is a good choice too. The only hiccup may be that the playground had just one slide and there were many kids. Plus I feel that it could have been brighter. Well, as long as the whole family enjoyed, I guess it’s okay. Diaper changing room is clean too.
With regards to dining option, NAM HEONG has opened! Yes, it helped to satisfy my craving for Ipoh food (Yes, it’s the best food… Haha). Image of the food and the original cup of white coffee as attached. (Do note that nothing beats eating the original one in Ipoh yeah…) On an overall basis, there were today many more dining choices. Carpark was not that full but the number of visitors within the mall is okay. It’s no longer empty like my last visit. Oh yeah, to the management of Starling Mall, “I love your air-con. It’s cooling and I would rate you as the top. Please keep this up and not try to save some money by increasing the temperature yeah. The toilets are also clean and the Hari Raya decorations are already up. I think this is one good regional mall and yes, if I am given a choice between Tropicana City Mall or Atria or Starling, I think it is now Starling Mall. It has even a rooftop garden if you want to just take a stroll. Do make it towards 530pm la and not at noon. We will melt….  Happy spending quality time with family.
written on 4 June 2017
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