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Easy to follow stock investments – ‘super-rich suddenly not possible’ ok

Another friend asked me about stocks that I have bought. Actually, I am passive when it comes to the stock market. I love them (stocks) but they are more of a ‘fixed-deposit’ to me. In other words, I would buy those which overall debts are always lower or better still, very little debts. No wonder I am still not able to retire from stock investments. Haha. To those who wants to know how to buy good stocks, here’s an earlier article: Good notes for stock investing from an investment guru As for those who just want to buy what is considered a blue-chip company, here’s a list for your review. (Image). These are the stocks that Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) has stakes in. It’s current PNB group chairman is Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar. At a glance, all these companies are considered very good companies in their own right. From banks to plantation counters to utilities, construction, telecommunications and more. More than enough choices to show two things. There are a lot of really good blue chip companies within BURSA and since PNB is still providing dividends year after year, perhaps these stocks that they buy could be stocks that we buy too. Hey, just 1,000 units of each of these perhaps? Full article in TheStar here. 
How much is 100 units of each of these companies anyway? Okay, let me do some homework then. Take a look at the image. 🙂   The information is true, as at end of 25th Aug 2017. We need just RM17,575 and we could hold the same companies that PNB holds. To know about the target prices for these companies, this is a good website to take a look: Some of these companies have already exceeded its target prices. Some are slightly below their target prices and a few are below their target prices. I will tell you that next week, I will buy two counters. Buy a bit, just to keep. If it goes up by 20 percent within a few months, will sell for a family trip to Langkawi. Else, keep loh. Both companies have target prices which are above their current closing price. MMC is in ports and logistics. Basically, when exports increase, MMC benefits. Tenaga is the one providing us electricity everyday. As long as oil price and its other input costs remain at current prices, Tenaga will benefit. This is what Macquarie Research says about Tenaga. “MQ Research maintains an “Outperform” rating and a target price of RM19.00 for TNB.” The source of this research is here. Note that there is no such thing as a guarantee that whatever a research company says would come true. The full article in TheStar here. 
All these companies tell us again that no company could earn extraordinary profits every month. (Do check the companies annual reports to understand more) That’s why anyone / any company promising us exceptional returns should be viewed as extremely unlikely and it’s best to skip it. It is also important to use what we know in order to invest better. There is also no such thing as a top 10 must invest stock because every research firm would have their own top 10 stocks too. Happy buying and keeping.
written on 26 Aug 2017
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