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Kwasa Damansara is now FAST-TRACKED.

If you do not know where is Kwasa Damansara, it is in Sungai Buloh or we could also say next to Kota Damansara. It is a huge development project of 2,330 acres on the former land of Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia and I think it’s safe to say that they really does need that 20 years which they said in order to completely develop it. Maybe more depending on how fast the property market recovers. Well, we have some good news about it recently. I have not read about it for quite some time, not sure about all of you.

Article in According to sources…

“Kwasa Land has been quiet for some time because of the economic situation and soft market conditions. This year the company was planning to call for tenders but then came the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the company is ready now. It is in the one-meter marathon run and ready to take off.”

“When this pandemic is over and when the market starts to recover, it will assist all those developers who have bought land from the company to launch their projects. Kwasa Land will embark on marketing and adverts to promote the development.”

“The size of Kwasa Damansara is as big as TTDI and Bandar Utama combined so you can see it is a massive undertaking.

“Kwasa Damansara is a township with good infrastructure, good connectivity and there is a lot of greenery all around. If one has the idea of what Damansara Utama and Damansara Jaya is, you can get a sense of what this development is going to be.”

Please do read the full article here. Lots of other details about Kwasa Damansara too: Article in

Considering the prices in Kota Damansara, I think one key element for a successful start to Kwasa Damansara is definitely to make the entry price very attractive. Seriously, this is a long-term project and it’s best to keep moving ahead like how a traditional property developer does. First phase will be super attractively priced and the first phase all sold out quickly. Second phase will be slightly higher and sold out pretty quickly and then so on. Seriously, if the first phase itself is ALREADY at some market price level, then I hope the property market is bullish for it to accept and move in. As they say, do not kill the goose just because we wanted more golden eggs quickly…

Please do NOT try to launch TOO MANY things at the same time as well. No one could tell when is the next unforeseen circumstances may come and the property market grinds to a half for some months again. Courtesy reminder that this is a 20-year development or more years… Thank you for listening if any top management in Kwasa Damansara is reading this.

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*Header image is from Kwasa Damansara website.

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