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Buying a new home. Is it a joint decision? Who decides what? Let’s look at the demographics for  readers of demographics. (Image beside). In brief, overwhelmingly MALE. 72 percent male versus 28 percent female. This is on assumption that google analytics is as accurate as it should be. I have always thought that buying a new home is a joint decision, right? Then again, perhaps the men are the initiators while the women are usually a contributor in terms of what constitutes a good home. I remember I was the one who researched the areas to buy and my wife would usually be the one who will say things like, ‘I do not like the design,’ or ‘How big is this condo,’ or even ‘How many car parks and does it come with a covered walkway.’ Is this true for you guys as well? Since nearly 80 percent of those reading this article now would be a man. Haha. As for ladies reading this now, can leave a comment? With regards to comments, I realised now that most of the comments were from man. This may also be due to the fact that ladies are usually the ‘background’ support. Behind every successful men, there’s an important women, right? Since we are at this topic, I have done a bit of reading and here’s some findings from my most knowledgeable friend, google.
International Real Estate Group – Buying a house, the differences between men and women. Men looks at KITCHEN as important. (Agree) Women wants more closet space while men prefers a space for themselves ONLY (Not me). Women prefers something more perfect; a new home while men are okay to fix some stuffs themselves. (Agree) Women prefer baths while men prefers showers. (Not me)   Women prefers more flowers. Men prefers an orchard which they can grow stuffs. (Agree! I have ginger, cactuses and even a pineapple! within my balcony)  So, the list does not really reflect a man like me here in Malaysia.
Bloomberg: Single women are buying a home twice the rate versus a single men. The study says that single women wants their own space, single women are more likely to be raising kids by themselves than men, buying a home is seen by women as living one’s life fully rather than to only buy one when one finds a partner and location is a priority. (Perhaps due to safety concerns). The article concluded with this powerful statement from a lady at 40. “There was a psychological aspect to it, too. I’m in my 40s, and I looked at what my life was like. I’m not married, I don’t have kids. I can live alone, and fabulously. I feel empowered.” This study may reveal to me that the women visitors to may be single?! Haha. – Women’s opinions count most when time to buy (a home) My wife would agree to this title. The current condo that we stay in was decided by my wife actually. I was okay with a landed property slightly further away but just 2 minutes from a potential primary school for my daughter. Haha. (longer term horizon for me mah).  According to the article, emotions lead to better purchasing decision and a women has more of it. Women likes to see how ‘master-room’ feels. (My wife too!).  It says that men like facts, thus a brochure with lots of things listed is fine but women prefers seeing, touching and talking about the structure she will inhabit. Videos, testimonials from recent buyers, livability surveys and newsletters detailing community activities appeal more to female buyers. (Quite true for me.)
That last article has just pointed out the reason why is MOSTLY men readers. Most of my articles are really just writings without too many images, videos and I have not started a newsletter. Okay, let me try to include more images, more surveys and perhaps start a newsletter in the near future. Need to find the time to do so because even writing is pushing me towards the edge of discipline. Sometimes, I am just too tired to write even during weekends. Just want to have fun, have a latte and read another book instead. Life should not be just writing a blog, yeah? Thank you to the 78 percent men who continue reading and I am really appreciative of the awesome support from the 28 percent female readers. Happy buying your next home!
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written on 27 Aug 2017
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