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My first visit to KL East Mall by Sime Darby Property

Just wanted to visit a new mall as I have NOT visited any new mall for at least 10 months? Dropped by KL East Mall by Sime Darby Property. Where is the location? Ask google map. Image below. Anyway, it’s really at the east of Kuala Lumpur. That’s why it’s called KL East. 😛 it has got nothing in common with many other ‘branded’ developments with north, south, east, west in their names as well. So, KL East Mall is around 22 minutes away from KL city centre. I think that’s considered okay.

Visitor Number?

If I tell you KL East Mall’s number of visitors is like Mid Valley before the COVID-19 arrived, I think you will also be worried. (coz we need social distancing yeah) Anyway, the basement car park still has parking spots when I arrived at 11am but it’s definitely not considered empty even at 11am. Take a look.

When I stepped into the mall’s LG floor, there are already visitors walking around. At least 10 people were in the Starbucks. 3 persons sitting at Inside Scoop for ice-cream. Inside Scoop is just beside Starbucks. Yes… 11am, eating expensive ice-cream. (yes, I have eaten once and it’s good)

Are all shops open, yet?

Nope, there are still a number of lots which does not have tenants. There are also the lots where the tenant is certain (because the brand says it is coming…) but no idea when they will be moving in yet. This includes Decathlon as well. There are also lots where the renovation is completed and I could see the owner / operators inside the place doing some final touches. One of it is a bakery and cafe, did not see the name. As for the question of whether it’s worth visiting now, the answer is yes. There are sufficient brands there already and I had lunch at a place I have never tried before. Food’s good. Image below:

Other stuffs?

Car park is free at the moment for KL East Mall. No idea until when, there was no notice. The layout is simple. Basically, escalators are available at the end, the middle and one could see all the shops easily whichever way one is walking. The Christmas decoration on ground floor is okay. One could take nice photos and pretend it’s cold.

KL East Mall

There are also rest areas with retro chairs and tables along the floor too. During lunch time, many of the F&B outlets were full and this includes even the one I went which was full once I entered. Their menu is still not complete yeah, so choices are limited to mains. There’s one thing which I feel needs IMMEDIATE attention. There’s hardly any phone signal in the Basement and even in LG level in the mall. Fortunately as soon as one is on Ground floor and higher, there are no such issues.

Malls also need our support

These days, I make it a point to buy from different stalls / restaurants every morning. However, I think we need to also drop by malls because these outlets inside the malls are also employing Malaysians and they will also need to pay rental and salaries. Without support, we will soon see them closing down and well, this is how a mall will start losing even more visitors because no one would like to visit a mall with just half of the shops open. Especially everyone who’s staying nearby and wants to always have a community mall to be around when you need one.

Happy visiting KL East Mall yeah.

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