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A supper thought. A new cafe. Kids and their choices. Oh dear…

After spending an hour in Decathlon Sri Damansara (nice place to buy sports stuffs), it was time to leave. We had an early dinner and I was a little hungry. My wife and kids were also a little hungry. It was 9pm. Should we go to for nasi kandar restaurant perhaps? Our favourite mamak place just outside the home? Hmm… maybe not this evening. It was 9pm when I arrived at Donutes in Bandar Menjalara. It was a new ‘cafe on the block.’ It’s a 24-hour cafe… and it was full of people even if there are still some seats available. Images below.

By the way, it’s already not possible to turn back time. Anyone below 30 today are very used to these cafes and the price that comes with it. This is why after 30 years, they suddenly ask where has their money gone to. Earlier article here: Actually, where has my money gone to? However, perhaps what we could do is to ensure that we do not go there every week. Perhaps once per month instead?

My wife told me the full bill was RM55.00. We ordered two drinks, 4 cakes and 1 bun. At first we wanted just 2 cakes for sharing. My daughter and my son refused to share one same cake and both wanted a different one. So, we bought 3 but there’s an offer of buy 3 free 1, so in the end it was 4 cakes for the price of 3. Of course, the price is also because of the nicer environment if compared to a mamak restaurant.

If we had gone to a mamak instead, it would have been two teh tariks (RM3.60), two roti telur (RM5) and the bill would have come to less than RM10. It’s a choice yeah. Less than RM10 or more than RM50. Savings over one whole year of 52 times would have been tremendous yeah. I promise that for the next 5 times, I will opt for mamak instead yeah. Fortunately, my kids are fine with mamak too. The reason for Donutes was simply because we wanted to try a newly opened shop. Happy choosing between a cafe and mamak yeah. (think of your property down-payment before deciding.)

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