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Real estate negotiators do not have an easy life. Seriously. Sellers who refuse to use a dedicated one but chose to instead gave it to 10 different negotiators. Buyers who kept viewing forever and ever and never buy. However, rain or shine, if you are their top customer (whether buyer or seller), the good ones would be there for you. I have many extremely dedicated real estate negotiator friends who have been in the industry for a very long time and I always treat them to a latte because there’s so much to learn from them. Yesterday evening, some of them were celebrated as stars in’s Agents Advertising Awards. (AAA) Congratulations to all winners of the night. Kudos to for the successful event. I love the emcee. Met many of my buddies as usual and took lots of photos. Do refer to my Facebook page for them yeah. The winners are as follows:
AAA Winners
Outstanding Real Estate Agency – Titanium
1. Vivahomes Realty

Outstanding Real Estate Agency – Platinum

1. Tech Real Estate

Outstanding Real Estate Agency – Gold

1. Dreamvest Realty
Agency of the Year – Titanium
1. IQI Realty
Agency of the Year – Platinum
1. Tech Real Estate
Agency of the Year – Gold
1. Dreamvest Realty

Top Agency – Central Region
1. IQI Realty
2. Vivahomes Realty
3. Dreamvest Realty
4. Propleague Realty
5. Affirm Plus Properties
6. Reapfield Properties (Bukit Jalil)
Top Agency – Northern Region
1. IQI Realty (Penang)
2. Reapfield Properties (Penang)

Top Agency – Southern Region

1. CBD Properties (Johor Bahru)
2. Eco Harta Properties (Johor Bahru)

Emerging Real Estate Agency
1. Dreamvest Realty

Elite Project Marketing Agency

1. Propstar Realty

Visionary Real Estate Agency

1. IQI Realty
Exemplary Agency Culture
1. Propstar Realty
Special Recognition Awards
Best Employee Development Agency of the Year
1. Reapfield Properties
Global Visionary Award
1. IQI Realty
Perak Emerging Agency
1. Gather Properties (Ipoh)
Johor Emerging Agency
1. Rina Properties (Johor Bahru)
Innovative Digital Marketing Agency
1. Propleague Realty
Award of Excellence
1. Metroworld Realty
Outstanding Performing Negotiator (Residential)
1. Ganesh Ramanathan   Team Leader of Square Feet Real Estate
2. Jeff Lim   Senior Negotiator of IQI Realty (KLCC)
3. Lawrence Tan   Senior Negotiator of Worldmart Properties (Johor)

Outstanding Performing Negotiator (Commercial)
1. Daniel Leong   Probationary Estate Agent of Square Feet Real Estate
Breakthrough Negotiator of the Year (Residential)
1. Teammy Lee   Team Leader of GS Realty

Breakthrough Negotiator of the Year (Commercial)
1. Daniel Leong   Probationary Estate Agent of Square Feet Real Estate
Stellar Negotiator
1. Daniel Leong     Probationary Estate Agent of Square Feet Real Estate
2. Jelly Tan     Senior Negotiator of Southern Properties

Star Negotiator – Area (Residential)
1. Teammy Lee (Bandar Sungai Long)  Team Leader of GS Realty
2. Caryn Wee (Glenmarie)   Senior Negotiator of Oriental Realty
3. Sean Tan (Mont Kiara)   Senior Negotiator of IQI Realty (Desa Sri Hartamas)
4. Freeman Woo (Mont Kiara)   Senior Negotiator of MIP Properties
5. Dave Soh (Tropicana)   Team Manager of MIP Properties
6. Desmond Tan (SS2)     Negotiator of Twincrest Properties
7. Lawrence Tan (Johor Bahru)  Senior Negotiator of Worldmart Properties (Johor)
8. Jeff Lim (Glenmarie)     Senior Negotiator of IQI Realty (KLCC)

Star Negotiator – Area (Commercial)
1. Jenny Liu (KL Sentral)  Senior Negotiator of Greenfield Properties (Damansara Avenue)
2. Winson Yong (Puchong)   Senior Negotiator of IQI Realty (KLCC)
The Extra Mile
1. Freeman Woo Senior Negotiator of MIP Properties
Outstanding Leader
1. Eddie Cheong   Senior Negotiator of Reapfield Properties (Bukit Jalil)

Visionary Trainer

1. Keegan Soh Team Head of IQI Realty (Ara Damansara)
See you again sometime, winners. All the best.
written on 16 Aug 2017

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