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I need a holiday. (Even if it seems we were on a holiday?)

Yesterday, I logged into and started researching about some of the places I would like to visit and the availability of hotels. As everyone would have read, some of the hotels were closed. Not necessarily for good, just closed for this period when there were no travellers. Now, they may have to make arrangements to reopen. Travelling locally is now allowed. Okay, before we now think that everything will be back to normal quickly, let’s be objective a little. People will need time to arrange for holidays… They will need to research, to plan and then to schedule this into their calendar too.

One piece of news caught everyone’s attention. The one which said over 1,000 rooms in Langkawi hotels were booked? Yea, that one has been debunked as fake news. This was what was reported today in Not all are gloomy yeah.

The image below is a screenshot in (9th June, 9am) which basically paints the picture which I would like to say. ‘Set for rebound’ (means on the way, not suddenly beginning today). ‘raring to go’ (means everyone is getting ready for the surge, they have not yet received those bookings). ‘Melaka hotels ready to welcome guests again.’ (Again, this means they are ready, does not mean they are now fully occupied.)

Remember, COVID-19 is not running away, yet. However, if we are looking at the situation, Malaysia is now generally free from COVID-19 where infections among huge number of Malaysians are concerned. As for the existing numbers, the clusters have been identified and isolated. It’s usually very quickly done by the army and the police as soon as the Ministry of Health declared that any area be under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

Holidays are awesome. We spend at hotels, we buy souvenirs, we pay entrance tickets to some entertainment shows and all these people who go tour money could also spend them elsewhere. Hey, we are the source of an economic multiplier! Do our part but just remember, social distancing and wearing proper face masks are required at all times. We do our part and everyone gets to enjoy a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.

The only issue I would like to know is for the Tourism Minister to clarify if the facilities in hotels could also be used as well. No point in booking a hotel just to sleep at night yeah. If that’s the case, I think all the 4-star and 5-star hotels will not get much booking. Also, what about the SOPs for these facility reopening? Hopefully all these could now be communicated and I could then finish my booking to that state I love to go a few times every year; Melaka. Need good food and just do nothing but go out of Kuala Lumpur for a weekend.

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