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When household brands start to show signs of stress.

This was a dessert chain which I spent RM35 for one big bowl of mango dessert a few years ago in Hong Kong. We went into the shop in Tsim Sha Tsui after walking for a while and feeling tired. My mistake was I asked my daughter what she wanted. She pointed to one attractive bowl of dessert with lots of mango pieces. Fortunately, that one bowl was shared by my wife and I too. My son is not a fan of fruits. This dessert chain is Hui Lau Shan. It is now being served a winding-up petition.

Article in South China Morning Post Creditor Kuen Kee Trading Company on Tuesday filed a petition to the High Court seeking to wind up Hui Lau Shan Holdings Company. On the same day, Bansque was also filing a separate legal action alleging the chain had not paid its rent for a Lam Tin store since last October, accumulating a debt of more than HK$195,000 (RM106,715).

Hui Lau Shan is fresh fruit dessert specialist with 260 stores worldwide since it was founded in the 1960s by Hui Chi-Yuk who was selling traditional herbal jelly and tea in trolleys before he opened the first store in Yuen Long and ventured into sweets and innovative snacks. Its later acquired by Royal Dynasty International Holding. There are more details in the Article in South China Morning Post

I think it’s also very appropriate to understand that all businesses continue to face competition and not just challenges such as coronavirus, trade wars, never ending standoffs in the streets of Hong Kong for the last many months. Hui Lau Shan could have been an innovator but the truth is, there are now far more choices and ever more choices are continuously popping up too. This is not about Hui Lau Shan yeah, it could even be applicable to people too. Do we change and improve or do we allow others to catch up and soon overtake us?

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