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Financial News: Household Income Classification – B1 to T2. What’s the actual number?

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Financial News: Household Income Classification – B1 to T2. What’s the actual number?

Some earn 5-figure monthly income, still renting. Some earn 4-figure monthly income, owns three properties

The radio DJs have been talking this topic for days. I do not agree with everything they say but hey everyone has their own perspectives, right? Since they are DJs, they get to say whatever they want in their radio show. I am the founder of so this is where I have my own say.

I have friends who are no longer working and is way below the typical retirement age. One just came back from Pakistan and few weeks later went to Laos and few weeks from today will be going to another city in China. Another flew overseas and attend cooking classes. Another friend who is within the stsrting point of M40 classification below bought he third property a few years ago.

At the same time, there has been so many times when someone I know is struggling with finance bought a new non-national car (RM80,000 plus type) and another is renting a room but just shown everyone the latest overseas holiday photos (yes, I know how much on average that person’s job pays)…

My good friend who used to work for a Continental car brand told me that many buyers are at borderline for the approval for their car loans. Oh yeah, I drive a 12 years old Persona manual which was fully paid for 7 years ago. It’s so hard to force myself to buy another car and start paying car loans again…

Our lifestyle (DEMAND) would determine whether we can cover our needs

Do take a look at the below numbers. T2 may be highest but T2 may also be overspending every month and is now struggling to pay the credit card debts yeah. Meanwhile someone in M1 may be a single who’s still staying with the parents and saves consistently every month. It’s easy to see who could withstand some time without income and who would struggle when income suddenly stops yeah.

What could we do?

When we could afford RM2,000 for car loan repayment, buying a car with RM1,000 repayment is a much wiser decision. If you truly want to show off, then a car with RM2,000 monthly repayment is unlikely to impress most of the big bosses out there. You are only able to show off to the Proton Persona owners like me, as long as I do not know you well… 😛 Happy pushing for higher pay. Do more, get paid more. Spend less and suddenly the world’s a better place in the future for you.

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