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High Speed Rail (HSR): Journey of 350km (+/-) begins with “We are open…”

High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail (HSR): Journey of 350km (+/-) begins with “We are open…”

Yes, I support HSR for the future of both Malaysia and Singapore

I am a supporter for High Speed Rail (HSR) Malaysia. You are entitled to your own opinion too yeah if you say it’s not going to be profitable. By the way, there’s no way it will be profitable and no one even knows when it would ever be. Just want to remind everyone that Petronas Twin Tower was also money losing for a very long time but it’s a catalyst.

The PLUS expressway was also losing money for a very long time but it’s a catalyst. KLIA was losing money for a very long time but it’s a catalyst too. More examples but it’s okay. if you understand my meaning, then that’s great. Else, feel free to disagree yeah.

If you comment below, I will definitely allow your comment to appear. This has been the case since November 2013. I do not delete comments. That’s a promise.

Coming back to this latest news about HSR KL – Singapore. There is no way that it will be ready within the next 5 years. Furthermore, no one knows what will happen in the 15th General Election yeah. It has to happen before July 2023. That’s around 18 months away. Meanwhile the HSR will take a much longer time and even if an agreement is signed, it could still be terminated with costs… okay?

However, it’s good news lah. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said, “Singapore looks forward to receiving more details from Malaysia so that we can study them and consider the matter again starting from a clean slate.” 

Article in Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said, “Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob) suggested reviving discussions on the HSR. I responded to the PM that Singapore and Malaysia had previously reached an agreement to terminate the HSR project, and this had been amicably settled and closed.”

He added, “Nevertheless, Singapore is open to fresh proposals from Malaysia on the HSR project, and the two ministries of transport will discuss the matter. Singapore looks forward to receiving more details from Malaysia so that we can study them and consider the matter again starting from a clean slate.” Do read the full article here for more updates. Article in

KL – Singapore is the 2nd busiest air-route in the world

According to OAG, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore was the 2nd busiest international route in the world next to Hong Kong-Taipei. The report shows that 5,560,894 ‘seats’ were offered on this route for 2019, 2.4 million fewer than Hong Kong-Taipei, and just 80,000 more than the 3rd busiest service, Jakarta-Singapore. (Source:

By the way, a ride with HSR will take LESS TIME than taking a flight but that’s not even the reason because the more connected, we will just have more to-and-fro travel between both sides. Both countries could now appeal to any multinational to think of two countries as one when they are deciding on setting up a plant. By the way, there’s really no need to compete too much, better think of how to complete one another. We have so many more much bigger neighbours all around us yeah.

Malaysia will receive even more travellers from Singapore, especially on cities along the route. Let me remind everyone that only around 5% of Singaporeans, PRs and expats in Singapore actually own a car yeah. Thus a family wishing to visit Malaysia would need to have a car or rent a car. Pity the father to drive many hours to and then back and still spending so much. Why not just take the train instead and just relax all the way?

There are a lot of other reasons but let’s look at it again when we have more concrete updates lah. The two Transport Ministers need to meet first and by the time they are about to agree / sign anything, it may be very near that D-Day already yeah. Happy anticipating.

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