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HAVOC Hartanah Kuala Lumpur. “2015: Property Doom or Boom”

Whenever and wherever possible, I always attend talks / seminars by those whom I feel know more than me. After all, learning is a continuous affair and your knowledge today may be obsolete tomorrow unless you continue to update it. In fact investing five years ago versus investing today or even five years later would be different. Markets go up and down. Property types and popularity of certain locations continue to evolve too. Thus when my good  friend Pn. Rozalina sent me a VIP invite, I think I must write about this to share. It’s certainly one of those events that I would attend instead of drinking coffee and browsing Facebook.
What do you call an event which has assembled a line-up of all the who’s who in the property world for our learning? It’s called HAVOC HARTANAH KUALA LUMPUR 2015. The event is organised by RECONSULT PLT, a consulting & advisory firm specializing in providing a broad spectrum of services to developers. The theme of the first series of HAVOC HARTANAH Kuala Lumpur is “2015: Property Doom or Boom?”
Event details as follows:
Date: 7 & 8 March 2015 (Sat & Sun), from 9:00am – 5:30pm.
Venue: Kompleks Kraftangan, Panggung Sari, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur
Total Speakers: 14   Details here:
Ticket price: RM50 / day or RM90 / 2 days. Get your tickets here:
Some developers participating in this event include:
Full Itinearies as follows:

Time 7-March-2015-Saturday Presentation Title(English Session)
08:30am Arrival of Guest
09:15-09:30 PuanRozalina Rahim Opening Speech
09:30-10:15 Dr. Daniele Gambero The Economic Of A Property Downturn
10:15-10:45 BREAK
10:45-11:30 Ishmael Ho Mapping Hotspot of Middle Income Areas
11:30-12:30 FaizulRidzuan Area Analysis of Recession Proved Property
12:30-02:00 BREAK
02:00-02:45 Prudence Wong How To Turn your Tenants Into Cash-Flow Machines And Love You At The Same Time
02:45-03:30 Richard Oon GST Impact On Property & What You Need To Do
03:30-04:00 BREAK
04:00-04:45 Adrian Wee Seize The Opportunity In Times of Trouble: BRR & BRS
04:45-05:15 Khalil Adis Affordable & 1st Time Home Buyer: What Should You Be Focusing On In 2015
05:15-05:45 Dr. Daniele, FaizulRidzuan, Prudence Wong, Richard Oon Panel of Discussion


Time 8-March-2015-Sunday Presentation Title(Bahasa Malaysia Session)
08:30 pagi KetibaanTetamu
09:15-09:30 PuanRozalina Rahim Kata Kata Aluan
09:30-10:15 AzizulAzli Ahmad Hartanah Luar Bandar, Boleh Buat Duit ke?
10:15-10:45 REHAT
10:45-11:30 MiichaelYeoh PembiayaanGadaian 2015. Bagaimana Untuk Mendapatkan Pinjaman Anda Diluluskan?
11:30-12:30 FaizulRidzuan Guna Analisa Kawasan Unutk Dapat RM 3juta
12:30-02:00 REHAT
02:00-02:45 Wan Infolelong (SafuanAbd Rahman) Menggunakan ‘Cashflow’ Dari Hartanah Bagi Mengatasi Kemurungan Ekonomi
02:45-03:30 Rohaniah Noor SCAM-Undercon, Subsale&Lelong: Apa Anda Perlu Tahu
03:30-04:00 REHAT
04:00-04:45 Chris Tan Impak GST Dalam Pelaburan Hartanah
04:45-05:30 Abang Abu (Mekanik Wang Manipulasi Duit

Total Speakers: 14 Details here:
Ticket price: RM50 / day or RM90 / 2 days. Get your tickets here:

Property Investment always start with knowledge. Equip ourselves with more here.

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