There is little doubt that visitors love to visit Penang. Lots to eat, lots to do and well, lots of places to just relax and do little. I was based there for 15 years and have many good memories too. Yeah, I still have properties in Penang which I intend to keep for as long as I could. Anyway, prices are not that awesome at the moment, thus it’s holding time. So many agents have called me but when told of the current price on offer, I prefer to just hold.

I visit Penang probably 4 times a year these days and have been to IKEA Penang 3 times too. There’s going to be one extra reason to visit Penang in 2021. It’s even suitable for my two kids as they always love to run around in a nice public park. A new attraction called Gurney Wharf will be completed and open to the public too. It’s built on reclaimed land and it’s situated within the Gurney Drive. More updates below:

Article in Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said that new waterfront on reclaimed land off Gurney Drive will be completed by August 2021. He shared that the state government would sign an agreement this month to appoint consultants for the project. A tender will later be called for a contractor to start planting trees and plan the landscape as well as to ensure the project could be completed within the next 18 months.

Chow said, “We hope by 2021, not only the residents from Pulau Tikus, but also people from Penang will be able to enjoy a new waterfront at Gurney Wharf. ” Additionally, this new waterfront includes a public park. Consultant architects Grant Associate prepared the conceptual master plan and they have worked on Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay too. Article in

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You know the only thing not that awesome about Malaysia is our hot weather. (of course, lots of sun is still better than lots of rain if you ask me) Else, this new public park in Gurney Wharf will be full of people from morning till late evenings. Of course, those visiting Gurney Mall or Gurney Paragon Mall could just walk over. Parking along the Gurney Drive is not that easy to find. Just 18 more months to go. Happy waiting for it.

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