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Financial news: If I am hungry, I could not continue working lah

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Financial news: If I am hungry, I could not continue working lah

If I could hire an intern… I would pay the intern. Period.

If there are businesses who needs to hire interns but could not afford to pay an intern, there are just 2 conclusions. First one is that the business is NOT big enough to hire an intern yet. So the business owner just need to work faster, work more hours, work better and do all of the work by himself / herself. Second one is that this business is just NOT sincere and is looking to take advantage of the situation. Decide on which one and then take appropriate actions.

If I am hungry, I could not continue working lah

Imagine an intern who is NOT paid any allowance. How is this intern going to pay for lunch? Perhaps we should assume the intern’s parents would give the interns some lunch money? Whoa… tertiary qualified graduate still asking for lunch money? If this is the case, we better make sure all these interns have parents who could give them lunch money… I assume working hour is 830am to 530pm. By lunch time, if the intern does not eat, there’s no way this intern can keep working till 530pm yeah. Which company really wants to do something like this?

Article in The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) president Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman said that the proposal to make it compulsory to pay allowances to students who undergo industrial training in the private sector will discourage employers from offering places for internship.

He said that instead of compelling employers to pay internship allowance, the government should consider giving more incentives to the employers to take in more interns and make it mandatory for all undergraduates to undergo internship. He also said that internship is a chance for students or fresh graduates to gain valuable industry experience that will assist them to be more employable. Please do read the full article here: Article in

If I am the intern, I would love to learn and contribute back to the company

If the interns are motivated, they will aspire to do more. If an intern aspires to do nothing for the 8 months which they are interns, I pity them. They have just wasted their 8 months and truth is, without learning much, they would be worse off than when they started because now even theories they learnt would have been forgotten. If I am the intern, I would love to learn and contribute back to the company. However, if I have to worry about money to get to work, money to eat lunch, money to go home after work and money to eat dinner and breakfast everyday, it’s highly unlikely that I would have the motivation to do more. Is that really what the intern wants and what the company hiring the intern wants?

Happy deciding yeah.

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