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Fengshui tips? My learnings from Master Sandy Paw

I arrived early for my talk for iProperty Home & Investment Fair in MidValley and the speaker before me was Master Sandy Paw. (click to go to her FB page). She told the crowd she had over 30 slides but was able to share just a few due to time limitations. She must respect the next speaker. 🙂  (Yes, I was the next speaker.)  Anyway, these are a few things she shared which I think is very applicable to the property investment decisions we make. Personally, I regard Fengshui as logical decisions and not so much of the ‘magic’ etc. It does not need to apply to everyone yeah but can be used as a good reference. Oh yeah, forgotten to mention that her talk was in Mandarin, so below would be a translation.
External environment WINS internal environment. What she meant to say is that when we buy a property, it’s important to ensure that the area that we buy into is comfortable for us. This is because when the environment outside is not comfortable, no matter how we renovate our home (internally), it will not be able to surpass the bad ‘chi’ from the outside. Thus, the first thing we must take note of would be the whole development and not just buy the home after looking at the show house. (Actually, we can use Google to help us too. Just ask for the actual land site and then use that to view the surrounding. Best would be to drive to that area and really driving around).
Buying nearby hospitals is a no-no. Some buyers may prefer to stay near hospitals so that should anything happen, they are able to go to the hospital easily. She said when one has this thought when one bought the unit, then it’s highly likely that the hospital would be a place the buyer would frequent a lot in the future. Besides the hospital is not considered a happy place for many. In other words, the ‘sha chi’ (bad fengshui) will be the dominant force here. (I think it makes sense logically as well because do we really want the sound of ambulance every now and then and occasionally in the middle of the night? Besides, as long as the hospital is not too far away, the convenience would still be there. Let’s be healthy and not visit the hospital too often!) 
Buying nearby police stations is a no-no.  Some buyers believe that if they stay close to a police station, then they will be safer. Master said that police stations would also give out sha chi (bad fengshui). (This is very logical because who wants even though policemen are good people but every time people go to the police station it must be because they were criminals who were caught or people were there to report some unfortunate cases. There has also been cases where prisoners escaped from the police lockup too which will be unfortunate for some when their kids were playing outside the house for example.)
There are many more examples she shared and I think most of the ideas are logical instead of magical. Master Sandy Paw has many Facebook LIVE events. Click the link to get acquainted to her. In the mean time, happy investing.
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written on 23 July 2018
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