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Fake news, again. That super huge hotel booking news.

Yesterday, many people were forwarding the news about the over 1,000 units of bookings for Langkawi hotels. Fortunately, I did not forward / share because I was a little skeptical that people could suddenly make their holiday decisions in an hour? Haha. Anyway, I was right with my hunch. Today, many news outlets have reported that such a news was a fake one and it has quoted many stakeholders in Langkawi tourism who confirmed that the news was indeed a fake one. Everyone would love for it to be true, of course, but it’s fake.

Article in Yesterday’s report on Langkawi hotels booking came from the Langkawi Tourism Association (LTA) CEO, Zainudin Kadir and the story went viral on social media. The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has dismissed such claims. MAH shared a statement in Facebook and MAH said that Langkawi Tourism Association (LTA) claims to represent tourism stakeholders of the popular island but little is known of its membership and source of data reported. It claims that LTA doesn’t have a functioning website and its Facebook page is also inactive.

The MAH urge the media, tourism agencies and industry stakeholders to contact the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) to reconfirm news with the best intentions to spread the encouraging trend. To recap, interstate travel is allowed from 10th of June 2020 during the RMCO. However, this excludes areas that are placed under Enhanced movement control order. Happy referring to the news Article in

Well, it may be true in the near future. Just not yesterday. We just need to get one such tourism fair soonest possible with all the best and attractive offer packages. I wonder when will we have such an online cuti-cuti Malaysia fair. Until then, we should occasionally verify the news as well as to do some thinking as well. As for the ones looking at stocks to buy, we could also look at AIRASIA stocks and MAS stocks too. I have none of both but maybe worth reading a bit more. Happy deciding.

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