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Distance and Duration, the two major considerations for a home.

Is this a choice between either one? Distance and Duration?

Must be a perfect choice, yeah?

If given a choice, everyone would love to stay a few minutes away from everywhere they love. The home should be of decent size to accommodate 2 currently and 4 in the future and even the occasional 8 if their relatives come visiting. It should be near their favourite food places, their working place, their most-loved supermarket, few minutes to the kid’s school and even as near as possible to the North-South expressway (PLUS) so that they could use it to go back to their hometown if they go back every week.

Must be affordable lah

Oh yeah, last but not least, after having all these conveniences, everyone also wanted the price to be affordable. I am very sure some of us have all these which I talked about. For majority of us, it’s a mixture of some of them usually. Today, let’s just talk about distance and duration. We need to start realising that the population growth in Klang Valley is not because of the birth-rates alone. It’s because of the hundreds of thousands of migration from the smaller places to the Klang Valley for study and work, usually.

Thus, demand is not just within the traditional areas because these new folks do not have any attachment to these more mature neighbourhoods. They just want a good place to stay and they may find their new favourite restaurants etc later on. Today, we look at three areas which is always featured in those top 10 most searched areas and all are around 35km away from KL city centre. We also use 730am as a peak-time since that’s off to work time.

Look closely and you may realise that the jam is that RED coloured thing at Jinjang and it’s not at Rawang side. So, using the PLUS expressway, it’s 37km and it may take between 30 – 50 minutes. Now do we realise why when people look for landed homes, Rawang is always one of the logical choices to consider? Duration and Distance lah.

When we look closely, we could also realise the RED coloured road is not anywhere near Shah Alam. It’s in Subang area. For Shah Alam, it’s also taking between 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach the KL city centre. I have many friends staying here and I think this has been a popular choice for a very long time. In fact Duration and Distance was one of those factors at play here too.

If you are wondering, Semenyih is in Selangor yeah. This is the place where two of my good friends are staying. Yeah, the development is by that developer starting with E… 🙂 Distance wise, it’s similar to both Rawang and Shah Alam but the duration would be far longer and again, the two RED coloured areas, those are in Cheras and Pudu respectively. Duration wise, it’s between 35 minutes all the way to 1 hour and 20 minutes. So, it does seem that out of the three choices, this may be the most unpredictable of all. On good days, almost similar. On bad days, much longer duration is needed.

Just use Google Map… anytime

Google Map is available for free yeah. There’s really no need to keep saying someone else’s choice is too far away because if their place is an extra 10 minutes further than yours, but it costs half the typical price, then that further away place will continue its growth too. Affordability will always be key as majority of Malaysians are working people. Happy loving the nearby places or the further away places. Diversity of choices is the best.

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