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Bandar Puteri Warisan by IOI, a comfortable home in Sepang

I have no idea where Sepang is until the announcement that the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) will be located in Sepang. That was also when I learnt from my uncle who stays in KL that Sepang is a little town very far away from Kuala Lumpur (KL). He said he could not understand why KLIA must be built so far away. Why not nearer to the city? As a secondary schoolboy then, it was not for me to argue or debate. Today, I think it’s clear that KLIA’s location is good as it allows for continuous expansion. The latest transformation plan happening would be the the KLIA Aeropolis, another huge integrated development of 404.7 ha (1,000 acres). This will be the growth story for many more years to come, benefiting developments within Sepang.  In fact if you ask me, as long as KLIA Aeropolis is successfully carried out, it will become an ASEAN logistics hub as well.
These days, the dynamism of Sepang is also growing. Speaking of residential developments in Sepang, let’s look at one which I think fits most of my personal requirements. Bandar Puteri Warisan by IOI Properties. This is the developer which sparked my property investment journey. In 2005, I bought a condominium in Penang from IOI Properties called Regency Heights. It was handed ahead of time with quality finishing. I ‘created’ my first baby there as well after trying for nearly 10 years. Must be due to good Fengshui. Today, after 11 years, I still enjoy my stay there whenever I am back in Penang for a holiday. I am based in KL since 3 years ago. Most of the time, a property is the single largest investment we would do in our lifetime. Buying objectively is the key, regardless of the question of ‘when is the best time to buy?’
mapbpw Where is Bandar Puteri Warisan exactly? Take a look at the image and some of the nearby areas. I will not include the distance of Bandar Puteri Warisan to KLCC, Jalan Ampang because I think majority of the buyers into this area would be from the surrounding places as below. The buyers would be those working within these areas and would like to own a good property from a reputable developer at a price which is still affordable enough and with rooms for further appreciation. In fact the number of areas with all the usual conveniences that we want is increasing and not staying stagnant. Thus, the focus should be on potential appreciation. Do note too that if we are buying way too high today and we are struggling to pay for it, how sure are we that future buyers would be willing to pay another few hundred thousand Ringgit more for it? Some additional information on the connectivity as below.

  • To Xiamen University – 1.5km
  • To KLIA – 12km
  • To Bandar Baru Nilai – 12km
  • To Cyberjaya – 15km
  • To Putrajaya – 18km
  • To PLUS Exit – 17km
  • To MEX Exit – 18km
  • To LDP Exit – 21km
  • A direct journey  to KL from ERL Salak Tinggi via KLIA Transit

masterplanbpwWith the available land, Bandar Puteri Warisan’s vision is to be the quieter residential part nearby the core district, a commercial hub located along the Federal Route 29 Putrajaya-Cyberjaya. It will also be planned so that there is a balance between retail, office, and residential living. Growth would thus be sustainable to meet the aspiration and needs of the communities. EviraThe current launched phase is the Evira which has seen good take up thus far, mostly from people who are working nearby. I think buyers would be those who require slightly more land space than the typical 20ft width which is the norm nowadays. Besides that, when we look at this part of Klang Valley, landed homes are still possible.
Some features about Evira.

  • Lot size from 22ft x 75ft
  • Security with controlled entry
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Contemporary design
  • Functional and practical layout
  • Large window and high ceiling
  • Spacious driveway
  • 50ft wide internal road

AvistaThe next upcoming new phase to be launched would be Avista. Lot sizes for Avista starts from 22ft x 75ft and built up from 2,277 sq ft. It has a 4 + 1 concept and will be within a secured community with guardhouse and perimeter fencing. It will have a contemporary design with a functional and practical layout. As we can see, it features large windows. It will also have a high ceiling height of 11 ft. Two cars could be parked side by side with a spacious drive way. There are lots of space within as it will have a 50ft wide internal road.
Beyond just these home features, this ‘further-away’ development must come with extra Oomph. In this case, the theme and concept of Bandar Puteri Warisan is a ‘POEM THEME.’ It is inspired by the Silk Road and all residents and visitors will enjoy six heritage corridors that consist of five thematic streetscape and one unique garden, namely Bliss of Mediterranean, Paradise of Persia, Street of Palms, Colour of Rangoli and Trail of Nusantara. Artist impressions as below.
paradise of persiarongoliisle of nusantarapalm of arabicmediterraneanwinter garden fa
In another few months, I will drop by to take the actual pictures once some of these streetscapes are ready. Based on what they did for my condo in Penang, I think they should do another good job. Will update everyone again. Oh yeah, this is where you can get more information.
ioicitymallBeyond just staying comfortably, I am someone who needs REAL shopping malls,especially on weekends. In other words, lots of different choices for me to spend at least half a day including lunch or dinner. I am glad to say that IOI City Mall is 24 minutes away or in distance it is 27km. One can relax with the family and there’s little need to circle around for car parks at the usual malls that we frequent in the city centre. Of course, with the never ending developments from IOI Properties, this mall will continue to grow in popularity. In conclusion, I think Bandar Puteri Warisan is worth a serious consideration due to its features today and future potential capital appreciation. Happy visiting and reading.
written on 12 July 2016
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Property Investment always start with knowledge. Equip ourselves with more here.

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