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Time to know what’s UP with Balik Pulau property with an expert. (Not me lah)

Readers of would know that I am not a supporter of only considering hotspots of today. My view is always that we should also look at the future potential as well. Remember, many hotspots today used to be ‘unknown’ or secondary considerations previously. I recently wrote about Balik Pulau and some friends based in Penang (non-Penangites) asked me if Balik Pulau is really a potential upcoming residential area. Here’s that article: Balik Pulau? Some potential insights  Frankly, I prefer it over some hotspots which is already beyond the salary range of the middle income professionals, even when they try to buy it as a couple. If we are talking about Penang as an island, then we know that land is limited. That’s why there are so many hill slope developments. If we are looking at it from the electronics industry, then the largest concentration within the island is in Bayan Lepas area. In other words, perhaps the professionals in Bayan Lepas may want to see beyond just the high-rise. Perhaps landed is still a possibility. Do not just read. Sign up and follow Miichael Yeoh on his upcoming due diligence cum property tour in Balik Pulau. You may even ask him as many questions as you want. 🙂  Here’s the sign-up link.
Miichael has also gone to Botanica Mansion in Balik Pulau. Having listened to Miichael no less than 10 times over the past 6 years, I can safely say that there are new things to learn every time. I am not as diligent as him because he visits showrooms, speaks at property events and even have meals with other property people. I asked him, ‘Where do you get your energy from?’ He said that he has helped so many people buy their dream homes and that is a satisfaction that he looks for. Join him on his next property walk-about tour. Sign up here.  It’s FREE by the way. Who knows, your home sweet home is about to be discovered?
Happy touring with him. Sign up here. Too bad, I am travelling, else I will also drop by and say Hi. As for answering questions, Miichael is the best man to ask. Happy evaluating if it’s indeed too far, too ‘ulu’, nothing to do, not attractive etc. Our home sweet home should also come with potential capital appreciation.
Details here:


Sat, December 16, 2017
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Botanica Mansion
156, Jalan Sungai Ayer Putih
Balik Pulau, Penang
written on 22 Nov 2017
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Property Investment always start with knowledge. Equip ourselves with more here.

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