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Media Release: Automate, Digitalise or become Obsolete in a Post-Pandemic world


Automate, Digitalise or Become Obsolete in A Post-Pandemic World

KUALA LUMPUR: The Covid-19 pandemic has posed new puzzles to be solved not only by the healthcare industry, but by all the other industries as well. The crisis also gives us a glimpse into a future world, where digital has become essential to every communication, compelling both individuals and organizations to accelerate the adoption of digitisation almost instantaneously.

The sudden onslaught of the Covid-19 crisis and adoption of the New Normal where lesser human contact is encouraged to contain the spread of the disease has prompted many businesses to start looking for virtual replacements for their previously physical offerings, or at least new approaches of making them accessible with limited physical contact, and the property industry is one of them.

Until recently, the property industry has lagged behind in its implementation of technology in its business processes which involved numerous manual tasks, ranging from property construction, vacant possession, defect management, property occupancy, and management. South China Morning Post has reported that there is a newfound appreciation for what prop-tech can do with the outbreak of this pandemic, and companies that have adapted best to the new normal are the ones that had already made technology intrinsic to how they function – whether the way they monitor and operate their buildings or how automation is integrated to minimise human contact. (  

To bridge this aforementioned gap in the Malaysia property sector, award-winning software developer, LinkZZapp Group developed and launched The 360° e-Property Platform Solution, an end-to-end digital solution which aims to help property developer and management companies to digitalise complicated manual processes which predominantly involved operations and customer engagement. 

“As a property investor as well as a PropTech player in the market, we constantly feel that there is so much room for the industry to improve digitally with all the technology available in this day and time. Plus, with the recent Covid-19 crisis where everyone is embracing social distancing as the new normal, we are seeing more property developers demanding a solution which can minimise face-to-face contact.”, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LinkZZapp Group Sdn. Bhd William Wong says. 

He stated that the property developers in Malaysia have been practicing the same time-consuming and tedious manual processes for the past two decades, but the crisis has spurred the industry into fast-tracking the digital transformation. 

Malaysia’s First Holistic End-To-End Solution for Property Developers

While there are several similar digital solutions available in the market, 360° e-Property Platform Solution is one of the few digital platforms that are able to provide a holistic end-to-end solution for property developers and management companies, which made it simple and convenient for the users. 

“Our holistic platform enables our users to track, manage, monitor, and engage digitally by using all-inclusive features which include Construction Monitor, Vacant Possession, Defect & Property Management, and Smart Community. We also provide hardware and software integration solutions such as plate number recognition system, auto gate system, parking allocation system, facial recognition system, and smart home system to property developers who wish to provide their homebuyers with seamless smart living experience.”, said William Wong. 

He believed that now, more than ever is the time for the property sector to innovate and embrace digital transformation as it will not only help the sector to smooth out business conducts in the new world order and provide a safer environment for the public, but also maintain or maybe even increase efficiency and productivity of the business processes as well, killing two birds with one stone. 

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