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Attention and Attraction, always a good Addition. Penang has it.

The first thing my friend told when I visited her condo some years back was, ‘There’s a Petronas Twin Tower view from this window.’ Wow. Anyway, any high-rise with a pool view would always have a slight premium over the other side without any particularly attractive view. Of course, if it’s KLCC view, it would command a premium as well. There’s now one more attraction, this time it’s in Penang. KOMTAR would soon have a mural painting which when completed would be the world’s tallest mural. Five Malaysian artists may get their names into the Guinness Book of Records. This “The World’s Tallest Mural project” is sponsored by Only World Group (OWG) and will see the artists attempting to paint a colossal homage to the state and its people on the iconic tower. Full article in NST here. The mural painting will start in March and is expected to be completed by October.  The five artists chosen to undertake the project are Bibichun, The Sliz, Kangblabla, Sattama and IMMJN.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said, “Komtar is indeed a befitting canvas for this historic milestone, not only because it is the tallest building in the state but also because George Town is already world-renowned for its vibrant arts and cultural scene and this mural will definitely enhance the cityscape further in this sense.” He also shared that the cost of the mural would be RM300,000 and it is at 230 metres high and 13.1metres wide. OWG chief executive officer, Datuk Seri Richard Koh said they hoped to obtain endorsement from the Guinness Book of World Records for this project. The current record holder for the world’s tallest mural measures at only 70 metres high while Komtar’s massive mural would measure a whopping 230 metres high. OWG was also the company that opened The Top@ KOMTAR last year. It said that this mural is part of the group’s ongoing efforts to revitalise the state’s beloved landmark. (Yes, I do agree KOMTAR is a landmark of Penang. Please do not say you have been to Penang if you do not know where KOMTAR is)
As for properties carrying a premium because they have a view of the mural, let’s just say I am not that someone who will be interested. Then again, I have the same view about Petronas Twin Tower or even KLCC view. I think however this new addition will be a tourist attraction anode course this is very good for all the businesses operating around KOMTAR as there would be more visitors dropping by. All the best to the five artists. Stay safe all the time and may Guinness Book of Records accept this as the world’s new tallest mural painting in October 2017. Yes, this is a must go place photo. Perhaps I can drop by after my Penang Bridge FULL Marathon. (Crazy me….)
written on 9 Mar 2017
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  1. I was in Penang end of December, and that time the SkyWalk at Komtar was just opened… Didn’t go up but it definitely looked great. Next trip to Penang must definitely visit Komtar 😀 Personally I think Penang island is very nice but quite congested.

  2. Every big city in country always has this problem whether car congested or human jam : ), it can only be mitigated using effective system. My 2 cents

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