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Armanee Condo @ Damansara Damai, after 2 months.

When I first decided to move to KL, I asked my colleagues if it is worth buying in Sungai Buloh. I could see landed properties there still so cheap. Much cheaper than Penang where I have been based for the past 15 years. With their answers, I naturally looked around many areas which were highly recommended. For example, Cheras which they said have everything you need and it is in a good neighbourhood. My friend and many of her relatives have stayed in Cheras for a very very long time. My relative meanwhile told me that Puchong is worth because it is still cheaper compared to Kelana Jaya where I stayed. In fact there are many new developments there. I viewed many units, with a few different agents until I decided to buy right next to Sungai Buloh, in Damansara Damai.
Let me tell you my 4 key reasons why I would recommend my current condo.
wpid-img20140714202924.jpgStill a steal. I bought my condo for just RM540,000. You cannot find such fully renovated units for such a price today but even at today’s price which is 5-10% higher, it’s still a steal! 1,745sf condominium with a park which is very well maintained and a pool which is so enticing, there’s just not many such condos around. Do not listen to me, on any weekend, get the agent to show you a unit, then go to the 1st floor where the park is, walk one round and understand why I say so. Oh yeah, the morning view’s great but the night view is even better.
Food and Malls. There are many many kopi tiams (restaurants) within a 10-minute drive. Even the char siew pao I like at Fuh Lai dimsum restaurant is also just 10 minutes away. Also the Lan Je steam fish. Also the value for money Curry Laksa. Also my father’s newly found favourite curry mee in Damansara Damai. I have access to restaurants in Bandar Manjalara just 10 minutes away or three AEONs and Jaya Grocer which is all between minutes to within 15 minutes away. IKEA / The Curve / 1 Utama is meanwhile within 17 minutes away. When I was in Penang, I needed almost the same to arrive at the nearest mall from my condo. In terms of size, there’s no comparison to what I have here in KL.
Distance to office. When I stayed in Kelana Puteri, in the morning, I needed around 40 minutes to reach my office (downtown KL) as long as I do not start later than 715am (normal jam) Today, I am 2km further away from my office and it takes me 45 minutes to arrive in office, even if I start my journey at 730am. In terms of coming back, I used to take 45 – 1 hour to arrive to my Kelana Jaya home. Today, I seldom exceed 45 minutes and even my wife is surprised because the distance is supposed to be 2km further away. There are many more options to go office too. NKVE, Penchala or even via Kepong.
Potential. I am very sure even based on inflation and structural demands based on demographics, every area in KL / Selangor is worth a look. However, Damansara Damai is just beside the next growth in Sungai Buloh. Kwasa Damansara’s RRIM land. Other notable developments include Mah Sing’s D’SARA, OSK’s Sutera Damansara and even the continuous appreciation of the currently already expensive areas nearby. Conservatively, I am only thinking about RM400 psf in 3 years time. Haha.
Enough for this time. If you are like me, not too rich but not too poor and you agree to the 4 reasons above, do take a look. My family and I have since stayed here for two months and have grown to like it. Yes, there are LOTS of disadvantages. As long as you feel the disadvantages that you know beats my key reasons below, that’s great. You can skip Armanee and buy somewhere else instead. As long as you are happy, that’s the most important. Never listen to someone who tells you great things about the place that he is staying now. Oops. I think I am not just talking about myself but also my friends and my relative who told me about the amazing Cheras and Puchong. Haha.
written on 19 Aug 2014
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    1. Yes, still love it here. Yes, still leaving daily at 745am and traffic is okay on most days. Yes, the flats outside are still there. (Haha). Do view it and look at all the facilities before deciding. Cheers Alyssa.

    2. Forgotten to tell you. Maintenance is good. Pool is cleaned a few times per week. Guards who can speak to you and greet you too. Booking of facilities are online too since long time ago. Cheers.

      1. We have been staying at One Damansara closing to 4years. We have interest in Armanee but are skeptical with morning traffic coming out from Jalan PJU 10/1c to main road & also the sound of mosque, if you can actually hear it from Armanee. Maybe you can tell us a bit more about it.
        Oh… we love the surrounding greens especially the barrier between mosque & armanee, but afraid if future development destroy this green area, what is your opinion of these?

        1. Hi Jessica, I have been staying in Armanee for 4 years. My wife has been leaving Armanee to send our kids to the nursery at 745am nearly daily. Occasionally, if the traffic lights broke down due to heavy rain the day before, the jam is heavy. Else, she arrives at the nursery at 810am or earlier. You can also use google map, key in the morning time on a weekday to know how long it takes. if you put in KLCC Jalan Ampang as a destination and you key in 7am, google map shows between 28 mins to 1 hour and 10 mins. If the jam happens daily, google map will show accordingly. if you put in 730am, the time increases slightly but I think for the price that you pay, this is considered a good buy.
          We have not noticed the mosque announcements before thus far. Perhaps you can try. Yes, there’s another piece of land in the road leading to Armanee. My personal view is that the developer is still waiting for a good time before launching. No idea how it would destroy or enhance the green area but I can safely tell you that there’s definitely going to be more cars unless the few connection roads are built. Especially the one leading to Sri Damansara. Cheers.

  1. Hi Sir. Im really looking forward and hopefully can stay in Armanee Condo. Can help me update on the maintenance and jamm and communities of Armanee? These are three factors of my decision now. Hope to be ur good neighbour. Hehe TQ

    1. Jam is unpredictable. What is sure however is that on good days, I can leave home at 730 n arrive in my kl office by 830. Maintenance is good. Do drop by n view. Most of the residents are families. My wife has many friends of other nationalities too. Cheers

  2. Hello! I just view Armanee condo and was thinking to buy the property for our own stay. Do you think is worth buying now? as my friend told me that for location wise, Damansara Damai has massive traffic jam, the location is very cramp and surrounded next to low cost apartment. In terms of maintenance, do you think there will be a lot of problem after 13 years? Nevertheless, may I know where do you send your kids for school?

    1. LK. First of all. I leave my home only at 730am to go to work. I m not sure if there are any of the more famous areas which you can leave at 730am n not be stuck in a jam. Usually worse. Syrrounded by low cost apt does not affect me thus far. If it affects you, dont buy. Armanee is 13th year condo. Hav you seen the facilities? It is maintained nicely n the parking for visitors are aplenty n guards are definitely good ones too. My kids go next door for nursery. Sri Damansara. Dont forget, MRT station is completing by 2021/2022. Look at an area based on what you need. I can talk bad about many other more expensive areas too… By the way it is very funny when ppl talk abt jam ONLY here because in many places they are far worse. But they chose to ignore… N still buy n then praise their buy. Cheers.

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