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Press Release: A Step Closer To Nature

IJM Alam Suria’s Green Trails Adventure Promotes Health, Community, and Sustainable Living

IJM Land played the role of an outdoor guide during the inaugural and exciting Green Trails Adventure held at Bandar Alam Suria in September. This half-day trail hike, starting from Central Park and leading to Bukit Cherakah, was organised with the intention of promoting well-being among Alam Suria residents. The aim was to nurture a sense of community unity while fostering an appreciation for the abundant hilly green spaces available in the area.

The invitation to participate in the Green Trails Adventure was extended to all residents and non-residents of Bandaar Alam Suria, regardless of whether they were seasoned hikers or newcomers to outdoor exploration. This well-attended initiative commenced bright and early in the morning, coinciding with the rising sun.

IJM Land’s vision for Bandar Alam Suria has always centred around creating a verdant and thoughtfully planned township. This includes offering residents a tranquil environment while ensuring access to the modern conveniences essential for contemporary living. This natural progression is understandable, considering that Bandar Alam Suria spans across 1,163 acres, with a substantial 13.43% dedicated to green spaces. In this light, The Green Trails Adventure perfectly encapsulates the essence of a lifestyle that revolves around well-being and environmental sustainability.

Naturally, IJM Land’s Central Park took the spotlight as the first destination on the itinerary. With a total investment of RM5 million, this 11-acre park is thoughtfully designed, ensuring that over 80% of its expanse seamlessly integrates with the various Alam Suria residences. Adorned with more than 500 trees and 1,290 shrubs, the park boasts exquisite landscaping that enhances its allure. Central Park stands as an expanse of verdant beauty, caressed by the gentle touch of nature’s breeze and complemented by community-inspired amenities.

Just across from Central Park stands the recently unveiled Daffodil Residency, a residence that participants can explore both at the Bandar Alam Suria sales gallery and on-site. Starting at an affordable price of RM 340,000 for 850 sq. ft. units, featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, Daffodil Residency offers exceptional value in terms of comfortable living. This 18-storey development proudly presents a low-density arrangement, encompassing just 354 units within its 7.88-acre land. Its design is a harmonious fusion of modern tropical aesthetics and classical elements, creating a unique architectural identity.


Bandar Alam Suria also extends well beyond Central Park, spanning expansive forested reserves that appeal to both residents and adventurous visitors alike. It is here that the trails of Bukit Cherakah, moderately challenging yet incredibly rewarding, unveil scenic vistas that serve as a treat for daring hikers.

Under the guidance of the committed IJM Team, participants embarked on an expedition that not only deepened their connection with nature but also cultivated a heightened sense of camaraderie. This spirited group was joined by prominent celebrities and personalities, namely Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin, Daler Yusuf, and Jasper Supayah, all appropriately geared up for a rejuvenating weekend morning in this refreshing and invigorating environment.

The event commenced with a warming-up jog, starting from the Bandar Alam Suria Sales Gallery and leading to IJM Land Central Park. Prior to beginning the uphill hike to Bukit Cherakah, a brief yet energising ice-breaking Zumba session took place.

Participants were then mentally and physically prepared to embrace the gradual incline, knowing it would lead to a rewarding experience along the picturesque route.

This initial brisk walk provided an opportunity for all attendees to detach from the hustle of urban life and reconnect with the natural world. They fully engaged with their surroundings, passing through plantations and beneath the shade of forest trees. Amidst this, they also gained a heightened awareness of their role in preserving the ecological equilibrium of the area.

“Within the ethos of IJM Land, we are ardent proponents of fostering a holistic synergy among people, the environment, and a strong community,” said Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land. “As we inaugurate the Green Trail Adventure, we underline our relentless commitment to the community’s holistic welfare. This event embodies our pledge to enhance the residents’ overall well-being while rejoicing in the splendour of nature. Through inclusive activities that encourage bonding, we aspire to cultivate an environment where forging connections that bind us together.”


As participants moved forward as a united force, offering each other support, enduring memories were being etched. As a symbol of national pride, they proudly raised the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag) at the peak of the Bukit Cherakah trail, honouring the significance of this year’s Malaysia Day.

Notably, the event also spotlighted the ability of individuals from diverse backgrounds, races, and beliefs to come together for a recreational activity that has both health benefits and profound meaning. Similarly, the brief pause at the trail’s zenith provided an opportunity to reflect on the intrinsic value of Malaysia’s pockets of green spaces, which stand as vital a resource as its people.

Collectively, The Green Trails Adventure extended an open invitation to prioritise well-being and adopt a sustainable way of life. This sentiment aligns seamlessly with IJM Land’s “Make A Difference” (MAD) Campaign, an integral part of IJM Corp’s grand 40th Anniversary celebration. This campaign champions sustainability and community engagement, exemplifying a shared commitment towards shaping a better future for all.

At the core of the MAD Campaign lies the “Say Yes to 4R” initiative – a compelling call-to-action for reducing, repairing, reusing, and recycling across all IJM Land townships and developments. This brief hike also exemplifies the potential impact of simply taking the first step.  Bandar Alam Suria’s residents are free to enjoy and enjoy these verdant trails for generations, safeguarding their present condition as custodians.

“I firmly believe that The Green Trail Adventure will serve as the inaugural step of a journey filled with numerous initiatives aimed at providing our residents with a rejuvenating escape from their daily routines here in Bandar Alam Suria. Our commitment to enhancing the quality of life, fostering a sense of community, and embracing sustainability will soon see many more fun and health-centric activities in the near future,” Mr. Chai further emphasised.

For more information, visit or the sales gallery at Bandar Alam Suria.


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