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770 acres township, 2,020 sq ft build up landed and guarded, starts from RM390,000

Are you currently working in Kuala Lumpur and staying somewhere within Selangor? That somewhere could be far away or that somewhere could be nearby but it may still be a jam towards your office everyday. Do you drive to work everyday? Are you thinking of upgrading to a bigger home from your current high-rise apartment? Would you want to buy a home in a guarded neighbourhood? Perhaps you may even be thinking of a new home due to pressure from your future father-in-law? Just like the time when I was ‘forced’ to buy a property before I could get married to my current wife? (Haha) Anyway, if you are taking public transport everyday and hates driving to work, you may skip this article now. It’s for a landed property, a terrace home 14km from the town of Seremban called Iringan Bayu by OSK Property. From this potential new home of yours, it will take you around 16 minutes to drive to the Seremban town or slightly over an hour to arrive in KLCC Park, Jalan Ampang. If you are currently working in Seremban and would like a modern looking home with more space, lots of greenery and an affordable home you can call your home sweet home, please continue reading as I think this may just be that home you would like to view and decide on. It’s great to drop by and ask more questions.
The development is Iringan Bayu by OSK Property. Registration for the it is now open and the launch is coming soon. It’s in Seremban and it’s the very first phase of a new freehold development within a new township of 770 acres. The total size of this first phase would be 12 acres. When it comes to new developments, especially one within a huge township, it’s extremely important to note that earlier phases are usually attractively priced. If the earlier phases do well, the later phases would see price increases. Iringan Bayu’s 1st phase names Pastura is a 20’ x 65’ double-storey terrace featuring a fully extended backyard providing buyers with a build up of 2,020 sq ft. Typical sizes for non-extended 20’ x 65’ homes are usually smaller due to the space at the back as well as space in the porch for parking.
Personally, I have a few good friends who drive to KL for work from Seremban. I have asked them whether it’s a fun thing to do when driving from Seremban / Seremban 2 to KL city centre on weekdays. All of them shared with me that they would prefer a home which is minutes away from the office. However, those ‘minutes-away’ properties are just too expensive (price per sq ft wise) which meant that the sizes they could afford is likely to be small. It is not a clever move for those intending to start a family or has a family currently. There are also some newer areas which they have considered but many of these newer areas do not provide gated & guarded communities which they feel is necessary for landed homes today. In terms of capital appreciation, it is also very important to buy earlier so that first-time home buyers can enjoy the potential capital appreciation after staying for a few years. The first few phases of a very successful huge new development would usually earn the highest capital appreciation. The only question is, by then, would you want to move when you love your home sweet home?
For those with a family or just a couple who love lots of greenery, this development is accompanied by the 22-acre Verdant Central Park. This 22-acre of lush green landscaped park and lake would create a harmonious synergy between natural and modern new generation. There are lots of activities which are possible. For example, it has an entrance plaza, kids play zone, link bridge, pavilion, outdoor gym & parcourse, multi-purpose court, jogging trail, bicycle trail, chess play area, yoga & fitness park reflexology area and etc.
Within the central park there are also 3 unique bays, namely the Bay of Sight, Bay of Touch and Bay of Sound. The Bay of Sight is a platform where people can have the best view towards the lake. Usually, when it comes to buying a high-rise units, a great view usually carries a premium but in this case, the view from the bay is always a relaxing ones. We just need to drop by the park to get it.
The Bay of Touch is a platform where people can be closer to the nature. It has water elements, earth mound and etc. Residents can choose to relax on the earth mound or the platform. How relaxing.
The Bay of Sound is the place to be for people who want to enjoy the sound of nature; of wildlife and birds in this case. There are leafy trees such as the willow or the bottle brush which can attract the birds. I am no bird-watcher but I would still be very excited if I could hear and see lots of birds within a park near my home. Perhaps a binocular would help too.
We should note that the nature living concept of today and the older days are pretty different. It used to be just a few rows of landed properties, followed by a field with grasses and a kids playground and followed by a few more rows of landed properties. Basically, it’s basic. ? I love homes with these ‘green comforts’ as I was once a child running around that field in my parent’s home in Ipoh. Today however, when we view newer and more modern developments, having just a field is too basic, seriously.
Iringan Bayu envisions a green and comfortable living environment with lots of greenery. For example, it has green dual carriageway road with landscaped median. There is canopy driveway with spreading trees and layering of colorful shrubs making the drive home a unique and impressive entrance statement. Each precint would have a community green pocket park which is relaxing and could be used as a point for family gathering.
There are also a surrounding green buffer with layering of perimeter trees planting providing a serene environment and community facilities for healthy living and closer to nature. All the amenities are linked seamlessly through walkways for jogging and bicycle track links. To ensure a secure living concept environment, there are safety green buffer walkway from the roadside as well as safety and crime prevention walkway design with the green planting in between the driveway and walkway to prevent vehicle and motorist to access the walkway area. All the walkways are wide enough with a user-friendly design in consideration for even the handicap access.
Spaciousness is always a design element favoured by everyone today. Whether it’s a SOHO with a high ceiling or a micro-flat with lots of built-in elements and even landed homes, people love to have more space. This is especially more so for those buying a landed property. Iringan Bayu has a generous driveway & residential walkway to create traffic free environment. Besides these, there are also the up to 10ft walkway & 5ft bicycle track. I think space is really the key element here. The only way to have such elements however would be to build much further away, where the land price is still considered affordable to do more instead of trying to build as many units as possible within a small piece of land. For those imagining a home where there are just lots of greenery and generous amount of land reserved for the community, this is one good choice. For those needing just a small space and walking distance to KLCC, this will be a wrong choice.
There are times when you buy a landed home and there are still some space at the back that you would like to extend to so that the whole build-up is larger? Well, the developer has helped to extend the backyard fully and these extensions allow for a maximum living space. There is also a spacious guess room with attached bathroom that offer more comfort and convenience. This is suitable for elderly folks too. The price remains affordable based on the things that are usually extra.
In terms of location, Iringan Bayu is located adjacent to Bandar Sri Sendayan and Seremban 2 and it’s accessible from Jalan Seremban – Port Dickson and from Kuala Lumpur via Seremban exit 218 (Plaza toll Seremban) and exit 219 (Plaza Toll Port Dickson) of NorthSouth Highway. The High Speed Rail would have a station in Seremban which is a good addition. Please note that this would be for the future and it will not have sudden effects today. Based on the price, I have to say that it is pretty affordable for the space and design that comes with it. I think a listed developer status helps too because this is just one of their many projects and there is really no point to do badly here and thus affecting all their other developments nationwide. There are a wide range of amenities such as shopping malls, commercials, banks, recreational parks, schools and university which are easily accessible and nearby via short driving distances.
Iringan Bayu is NOT suitable for couples who must stay within a short drive from their office, seriously. However, it offers young couples and families a chance to get a dream home of over 2000 sq ft at a price which is less than half a million. There are not a lot of these choices even when we think of some newer areas much further away from the KL city centre today. In fact, the prices for such a large unit is usually moving towards RM1 million or higher for mature neighbourhoods. Well, if you would like to consider this as a longer term potential, do drop by sales office for further enquiry.
Message by the developer: Potential buyers only need to pay a booking fee of RM5,000 to secure the booking of a unit. There is also currently a zero-downpayment scheme too. Prices currently start from RM390,000*. There are attractive discount for early bird buyers. In fact if you are an existing buyer and you are getting another friend to buy, the referral fee is up to RM2,000*. For repeat buyers, the rebate may be up to RM5,000*.
* Terms & Conditions Apply & After 10% Bumi Discount
Happy contacting them and understanding more. Do ask them more questions that my review does not say yeah.  Contact details as follows:

Iringan Bayu Sales Office
Aspect Synergy Sdn Bhd (654103-U)

269, Jalan S2B12, Uptown Avenue Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

For Enquiries Please call 06.601 8858  / 013 2557 222

Open Daily 10am to 6pm

Waze: OSK Property @ Uptown S2

Property Investment always start with knowledge. Equip ourselves with more here.

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