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4 reasons why Chinese buyers love to buy homes in Johor

Anyone here thinking about buying properties overseas? Well, if I were to buy into another foreign country, these 4 would be my reasons. (in order of preference currently).  Are yours the same as mine? Please refer below:
1. Stable government (Very positive currently)
2. Vibrant property market (Growing, importantly)
3. Continuous economic growth (Investment Grade by all international rating agencies too)
4. My kids’ education (I am looking at university, not the primary and secondary schools)
Remember the news about not wanting the Chinese to ‘control’ Johor? Actually, I do not think that’s a valid reason too but do we want to know what’s the reason(s) for Chinese buyers in buying properties in JB then?  Article in here: China homebuyers greatly attracted to Malaysia.  These are the factors for them (Chinese buyers)
1)Property growth rate
2) Public security
3) Access to educational institutions
4) Healthcare facilities.
Yes, Malaysia offers these things. Moving on, in an article in (click here)  S P Setia divisional general manager Tony Ling said that good healthcare services, superb access to commercial malls and the low cost of living were the strength of Malaysia in attracting foreign property investors. Beyond this, Asia-Europe Trade Development Association vice-president Chen Chao told The Star that the home prices in China have risen beyond the affordable range for many mainland Chinese. For example, in Beijing, the residential units around the city centre could hit 100,000 yuan (RM60,278) per sq m. Even in second-tier cities like Hangzhou and Xiamen, It is around 40,000 yuan (RM24,111) psm.  Besides that, the freehold and 99-year leasehold property titles available in Malaysia is attractive because in China the land usage right for commercial units is 40 years and 70 years for residential units.
I think as long as the reasons to buy continue to be strong, the buying will continue. Malaysia is still a beacon of potential here in ASEAN and Chinese buyers definitely see this country as a much easier to understand one compared to others where Mandarin and other dialects are not widely spoken. Let’s remember yeah, we can say Malaysian’s standard of English is declining but the Chinese’s command of English is far worse. They will need a country where the people could understand them and vice-versa. Tertiary institutions in Malaysia uses English as medium of instruction and this appeals to many of the Chinese parents too. Come on, pay in RM but get a UK / US / AU degree is pretty attractive to me. Yes, I would definitely ‘sell’ the advantages of Malaysia to the world. Happy investing.
written on 5 Sept 2018
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