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2021 Predictions for the world! (by

I love predictions. Especially 2021 predictions for the world. I mean, everyone could be looking at the same world and have totally different predictions! Haha. Today, let’s look at one from

Frankly, this is a great site and everyone should take a look at least occasionally. I have referred to their contents a few times and I will continue to reference them too. Click here to visit them today. The below image is one of their latest publications and it is about all the readings they have done and they have come up with this 2021 Predictions Chart. They said they have analysed over 200+ articles, whitepapers, podcasts and interviews in order to come up with the below. I say, THANK YOU!

2021 predictions

Let’s just talk about a few things. Perhaps predictions which are more relevant to as well as my interest too.

#1 China has a strong 2021. I personally think this will be happening. The reason is because they did not do too well in 2020. In fact because the world did not do too well, they could not be doing too well. Well, what has happened is that all the things which should have happened in 2020 will now be happening in 2021. The things they wanted to buy, the trips they wanted to take, the property they wanted to upgrade and even the fact that they could export more since many other countries are also recovering. Let’s hope for a strong Chinese economy. Definitely a good thing for the world and ASEAN too.

#2 Inequality continues to worsen. When we look at how valuation for companies have changed from the need for profit numbers to a show of potential (even if that potential was because of never ending subsidies), the money flows into speculative elements. This meant that the owners of these companies will take the lions share of all investments while many traditional companies will struggle to find funds to stay afloat and when they did not, many would lose their jobs too. So, few people will get ever richer while many more will lose their job.

#3 Most companies will embrace a hybrid work model. I am someone who does not believe everyone will and would work from home moving forward. One day, when things get back to normal, the office will be back to normal too. However, companies will definitely formalise that process where hybrid working model is now a policy versus an unforeseen circumstance. So, this hybrid work model will be happening all over the world.

#4 Low and stable mortgage rates Looking at the economic growth numbers will tell us that low interest rates are here to stay. In fact the options are really narrowing for many economies which seek ways to spark that new economic growth without any monetary policy interventions. This will benefit the ones who are investing and is benefiting from these low and stable mortgage rates. Rental rises slowly over the years. So as long as there’s no sudden huge changes, the rental yield will turn positive once again.

For all the rest, do read what they say here okay. There are definitely lots of new opportunities in 2021. Be aware of them and grab them if it fits what we were looking for in terms of wealth creation. Stay safe and all the best. Keep reading too. Thank you for reading for the last 7 years plus. (You know who you are)

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