The Rift @ MidValley. Lots of fun, definitely.

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Are you looking for excitement and entertainment at the same time? Yet very safe?  Are you having teenage kids and wants to do something together with them? Boring weekends and need some fun-filled sessions? Perhaps this new attraction in town is for you. The Rift invited kopiandproperty.com to drop by and review them. Here’s a brief review by MMY. She has this to say, “I had lots of fun! The Rift @MidValley is definitely worth visiting soonest possible.”

The Rift is Malaysia’s first ever Hybrid Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)  theme park which boasts a 40,000 sq ft of space in Mid Valley Megamall.  This theme park will be officially launched on 8 February 2018 and it boasts a dozen of world-class themed attractions which are bound to set you off on an out-of-this world experience like no other!
One of the star attractions is Zero Latency. I was given the opportunity to experience the team effort to investigate a secret military space station that has gone dark and we have to fight our way through killer robots. We wore VR masks, ear phone with microphone to communicate with teammates and of course a gun. We are like ghost busters haha. The images are so real that we feel scared to fall down when we had to ‘walk’ through a narrow bridge one by one and there are enemies behind us!
Another star attraction is Terminator X,  players will be given laser guns to accomplish mission in the dark space in 2 floors. I cannot even see my fingers!  But there will be no problem when laser gun is on. This game is not ready yet but will be coming very soon!  Motion Blaster is another exciting game which gives a more relax mode as you just sit on the chair and shoot the enemies on screen in front of you with a 3D spectacles on.
Hurricane VR is another not to be missed game It brought me up and down the Great Wall of China in a bicycle! I meant, I was riding a bicycle in virtual reality! The hurricane  gives me a cooling feeling and the scary part is when the bicycle turned 360 degrees!  There were 3 times in the whole journey. A few other players beside me kept saying how scared they were.  Wow..  it is really like a roller coaster but definitely a lot more safer than the actual roller coaster.
Raceroom gives the player the actual feeling of riding a F1 car. The F1 driver will ride on this simulator car as their practice at home. The strong gentleman claim that the steering is hard and not easy to control. Please come and show off your driving skills! Who knows, you are the next driver to join the F1 race!  There are a lot more games for you to try individually, in pair or team,  such as VR Adventure, Hado Monster Battle, Hado  PVP,  Holowall,  Holodek, The Leap.
The Rift also cater for juniors as there are play rooms, party room and some other physical games which will be available soon.  Let’s together EXIT REALITY,  come to THE RIFT!  A sneak preview is available below:

reported by MMY.  (kopiandproperty.com’s junior reporter)


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