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My 2018 resolution? Family, Economy, Property plus kopiandproperty.

I disagree that we do not need new year resolutions. (since we would fail to achieve it?) We should have spare some time to just think it through and then decide what would be some of the things we want to achieve for the upcoming year. We need however to make it as SPECIFIC as possible. Hey, this was what I wrote for 2017. Happy New Year and what about another resolution?  Within it, you may have read there were a few things I wanted to do well. I did not do too badly actually. 2017 has been kind to me for my career (I built up a totally new my regional teams in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand successfully) and I have since left to join a growing company as their new COO. Where family is concerned, I brought my lovely family to trips (18-20 of them….). Property wise, I managed to buy a secondary property and will start renting it out soon after I have fitted it with the needed furnishings. I only rent out fully furnished. Oh yeah, I achieved the KPI that my wife set for me as well. 2 overseas trips per year. Singapore, Perth.  (Haha… Singapore is another country mah….) Oh yeah, last but not least, has hit an average of 43,500 visits for the last 3 months of 2017. Please clap because by reading this, you are contributing to it too.  THANK YOU.
What about 2018? Family first. Will MAINTAIN the number of trips so that we continue to have bonding time. I will not sacrifice my time for family by accepting job offers which offered more money but less time. My kids love to stay in hotels anyway and refuse to leave every time without fail. My son is even more ‘alert’. He refuses to go to the parking lot because he knows when we go there, the holiday is over… Haha. Actually in just few more years, both of them would be in primary schools and by then, these holidays may become less frequent. Must enjoy them now. I do hope that I can drive them to school everyday when they start their primary years. So, this is my 2020 advanced resolution yeah.
ECONOMY. Frankly, economy is the backbone to all my resolutions. I hope it continues to diversify as what has been happening for the past few years. Oil revenue will contribute lesser than 15 percent to the economy in 2018 which is very important. Bank Negara Malaysia staffs, thank you. Please keep working hard yeah. All the banks, please continue to lend responsibly because we do not need a mortgage crisis like some advanced nations. SMEs (including mine) must keep moving up the value chain. Doing more with less resources will be the battle-cry for a long time because we are not fighting some other SMEs here in Malaysia but the world. To all the working professionals, stop doing the same thing year after year… We need to be competitive, else there’s no future. 
PROPERTY.  I do not think I am able to afford another property in 2018 unless I manage to sell one. 30 percent downpayment needs time to slowly save up. So, in one sense it is so restrictive to working professionals but hey, this also meant that the market is pretty safe for a long time yet. Nope, I do not recommend buying without downpayment or buying a few units at the same time through some awesome ways. So, the resolution is to sell ONE for a good profit and use the proceeds for downpayment to two cheaper units instead. Perhaps one of the unit may be from the auction market.  View no less than 50 units for 2018 so that I can write even more tips for potential buyers too. Hire an intern writer who will can help to write more basic help articles. This intern will get 4-6 months of his / her time learning about the property market from the editor. (Me lah)  I think the market needs even more of these writers Aiming for 60,000 visits per month by end of 2018. PUBLISH a BOOK. (Yes… if Mr. Ho Chin Soon sees this line, I promise to publish it before 30th June 2018).  A few more in my mind but let’s just have these few first yeah.
So yes, these are my action-oriented resolutions. What’s yours? Feel free to write your comments or even write in to me. Sharing is caring. Learning is continuous too. Happy New Year!
written on 30th Dec 2017
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Charles Tan The Founder The Writer Kopiandproperty
Charles Tan

Charles is Founder of He writes from his investment experience for the the past 20 years in investments including property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry. is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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  1. Hi Charles, great to see you write about your 2018 goals. Below are some of mine;
    1. Family – Spend more time with them once i moved back to KL by mid of 2018. Currently working at Singapore.
    2. Business – Planning to start up my own property developement firm. First with constructing a new house to gain knowledge.
    3. Financial – Increase my current saving by 50%. Not much at the moment, will try harder this year.
    4. Travel – Planning to do 1 Europe trip and try going on a cruise for the 1st time.
    5. Health – Drop my weight to 70kg and maintain a 4 times weekly workout. Put on extra weight for last Christmas already.
    Well thats my 2018 Goals. Pls do comment. Thanks and good luck on your goals!

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