Nope, not about investing in ‘youngest’ country of the world

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A good friend who read an earlier article asked if everyone should think about investing only in young countries. Here’s that earlier article: Median age still below 30. Property…..  Maybe some readers may think like him and asking this same question. Well, if we should invest in young countries then there many younger countries than Malaysia.  Haha.  I agree. However,  that is not the main point.  In fact, I wish all these younger countries the best. One day, when I win the lottery and I want to invest in a big way overseas, I would look at these younger countries. (Too bad, as of this year, I have yet to buy a lottery ticket yet.) Surely many of these countries should have a bright future.  However if we are to compare Malaysia to those usual countries which people love to invest in or even those economic superpower of the world, then we have the following: (Median age of selected countries)

Australia – 38.6 years

Singapore – 34.3 years

Hong Kong – 44 years

Germany- 46.8 years

United States of America – 37.9 years

Not just these. I must include two more countries which I think highly and I hope our economies are even more integrated.  They are Thailand (37.2 years) and Indonesia (29.9 years). They are not perfect of course but they are both right beside us. Just as Iskandar can be an awesome ‘partner’ to Singapore, we can be the same to both pf them too. You want to know the median age for even more countries? Here’s a link:  http://world.bymap.org/MedianAge.html Please, do not invest simply because of the median age okay. Despite the huge ageing population, I personally think Tokyo properties would be a great investment versus many other usual countries. From stability to currency and even the fact that property prices have not really grown that much and providing good yields, Tokyo has a good story to tell. I have no property investments outside Malaysia though. I am a working professional, not a businessman who has made it big. My retirement goals are also pretty simple. Retire in hometowns and working in KL today

Look at all those younger countries, as long as you have evaluated them and finds them an attractive investment destination, do proceed okay. Always note that investments would be for a longer term than just 3-5 years. In fact I personally think anything below 5 years would be more of luck rather than just fundamental. One real example, even if an economy can grow 7 percent per year for 3 years consecutively, I would think a 4.5 percent for 5 years would be better and a 3 percent continuously for 7 years would be even better! In a ‘race,’ it is more of a marathon than a sprint. Which one would yield fast profits? You already know. Of course, this is just my personal view. Some other readings? Here’s what Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) says. Malaysia’s economy in 2030? Here’s what PWC’s analysis says By the way, even the analysts and researchers in PWC are humans. We are not supposed to be right all the time. Haha. Happy evaluating yeah.

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