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YES, RM2 billion Toyota plant in Klang is confirmed

With investments comes jobs and with jobs comes salaries to buy properties. Haha. Yes, Klang folks would benefit from the latest announcement by UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) who confirmed that it will build its second plant in the country. This will help to double its production to 100,000 units a year when it begins operations in early 2019. UMWT president Datuk Ismet Suki said UMWT will invest in the RM2 billion project – its biggest investment ever. Plant will be located in Klang and will be 670,000 sq m. Initial production is 50,000 and can be expanded if needed.
hiluxIsmet said UMWT will use its own cash to fund the project. he said, “As far as this project is concerned, there is no borrowing.” The next statement is worth reading over a few times. UMWT deputy chairmanAkio Takeyama said, “This investment is not simply to increase production capacity but to increase competitiveness, from volume-oriented production to competitiveness-oriented production for sustainable growth. Looking at the Malaysian market for the mid-long term, we think it will grow moderately so our investment will improve our production capacity for future demand.” This new plant will focus on manufacturing passenger cars, including energy-efficient vehicles, while its current factory will churn out commercial vehicles.
My Klang good friend, Mr. A, the one who has only bought landed homes is very happy and excited. Yes, he drives a Harrier which he humbly said, ‘borrowed from his neighbour.’ Haha. Before we get too excited, do note that the plant will only start operations in 2019. Of course, thinking ahead, buying good properties nearby the plant would be useful. Surely some of the employees would not want to stay too far away. Especially the expatriates who would not normally purchase a home. Good opportunities yeah. Happy investing and wait and not the other way around.
written on 27 May 2016
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