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19 years with Maxis… my second month with U-Mobile. How’s the experience?

This article is personal experience yeah. Not selling any telco and I do not have any packages from them to sell as well. By the way, if there’s a telco which is perfect; best coverage, fastest speed and lowest price, then it would have won all customers already. Thus, choosing a telco is also like choosing a property. Stop waiting for the perfect one yeah. Oh yeah, even if we are looking for a life partner! Earlier article on perfect property: 4 reason people wait for the perfect property

Higher price, better coverage. I am a loyal customer. Seriously. How else would you explain 19 years of uninterrupted subscription to Maxis even with the ‘yellow man’ advertisement, even with the never ending bombardment from Celcom and even when I was paying a lot more when compared to my wife who has switched to Celcom for over a year before me. Contemplating I did but always think that it’s okay to pay extra for better coverage.

Coverage in places I frequent. If compared to my wife’s Celcom, then my Maxis (then) has better coverage in all the places we (my wife and I) usually frequent. Not very much better but slightly. We are based in Kuala Lumpur.

Changing my line, finally. Finally, when a friend told me that when he travels, he does not need to buy any foreign telco sim card, it piqued my interest. After some further enquiries, I learnt that he was also a Maxis user until he switched to U-Mobile. He could roam for the first 3Gb for free in MANY countries. I dropped by U-Mobile finally and chose the package as per image on your left.

Basically, it gives the same 20Gb as what I got from my MAXIS line of RM98 / month. In other words, not a big difference, just RM19 per month. However, it gives me something which my kids use all the time! Video Onz which is good for Youtube. In other words, if my kids are using my line to watch Youtube, this will NOT deduct my 20Gb… 🙂

It gives me a 1Gb Data in 12 countries and that included Bangkok which I visited for 5 days recently. 1Gb is more than enough for Whatsapp until I return to the hotel and use the hotel wifi instead to do heavy uploading and downloading. If I went to Bangkok and I bought a Sim Card there, it will incur extra cost of RM30 for 7 days. (click here to view)

If I use Maxis roaming instead, then it’s RM38 per day… Hmm…

U-Mobile vs Maxis. Honestly, Maxis provided me better and faster coverage on an overall basis. There has also been occasions where I had to rely on my wife’s Celcom but generally, I would say U-Mobile was available in close to 100% of all the places I go (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Perak), just that the speed will be lower. Am I continuing with U-Mobile? Yes, at the moment. Unless when I needed to change my phone, then we shall look at the overall packages again.

Oh yeah, did Maxis call me after my change? To convince me to change back? None. Except for that SMS asking me if I really want to change the line. Haha. Perhaps this is the difference between the telco with the most market share versus one which is trying to gain more market share. So, I think if you are not travelling much and will only be in Malaysia, paying the extra RM19 per month should still be okay. Happy deciding.

3.1 Gb for Videos, free. Not deducted from main 20Gb allocation. The Roaming, used only a little, renewed monthly.

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