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You pay now… or we will seize your assets!

Actually, I have written about this a few times but I think it’s worth giving everyone another ‘scare.’ I meant well. We do not want those people who continue to think that there would be no enforcement anyway. This is Malaysia? Wrong. It has been happening and it will now continue to happen. Failure to pay the assessment tax may also mean owners could face arrest warrants yeah. Read on to understand that 27,292 arrest warrants were issued in 2019.

Article in here. Selayang Municipal Countil (MPS) has reminded property owners that if they fail to settle their assessment arrears, they may have their movable assets seized and auctioned off. Its president Shamsul Shahril Badliza Mohd Noor said Section 148 of the Local Government Act 1976 “empowers local authorities to enter any house or building during the day to seize movable assets to offset arrears owed by the property owner.”

He also said that from Oct 1, 2019, 27,492 arrest warrants have been issued to owners with arrears of RM200 and above. “MPS will visit residents or owners who fail to settle their assessments after seven days of receiving the warrant. Our enforcement unit will seize movable assets amounting to the arrears owed and we will do this on a weekly basis.” He shared an actual case where a company of leasehold land lots owed up to RM700,000, Shamsul said the council auctioned off one of the houses on the land in Rawang last September. More details here: Article in here.

Guys, it’s real. 27,492 ARREST WARRANTS to the owner if there are arrears of RM200 or higher. Even a home has been auctioned off because of the arrears yeah. Of course, it does not usually reach that level. Usually it would be your fridge, washing machine and other movable items but those will not help much unless the arrears are not high. Oh yeah, the argument that the assessment rates are too high etc? It’s another topic yeah.

Local authorities are also asked to review their assessment rates too. Recent article: Review your taxes please. So, it should be higher? Let’s be happy paying rather than be angry when the council staffs come visiting yeah. Just like credit card debts, the longer we delay in paying, the higher the arrears are going to be. I am not a supporter of discounts after a very long time just to encourage people to pay. If we pay quickly and get a discount, sure! Happy understanding.

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