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When it’s ‘dangerous,’ consultation for a solution is necessary.

I am pro-development; responsible one. For example, redevelopment projects where the density will be many times higher is totally fine for me as long as it is connected the the MRT / LRT network and the prices are made affordable due to the higher number of units for more Malaysian households. However, I am against developments when it does not take into consideration the concerns of all stakeholders. this is especially if there are claims that the development may have dangerous elements or has not been informed earlier. Perhaps local authorities could be the mediator too. Article in NST here. Penang condo residents fuming over dangerous encroachment of new project 

According to the the news article, the residents of a condominium at Sungai Ara is furious with a new development which will be demolishing an entranceway into their condo. The entranceway will be narrowed to make way for a new condominium development. The building’s joint management committee (JMC) chairman K. Raj Kumar said they were only informed of the matter in December 2018. In a hearing meeting on the case at the Balik Pulau land office last month, it was informed to them that nothing could be done anymore because the new project has been approved by local authorities. He said, “Usually, for such projects, there would be a road safety assessment or traffic impact assessment. But this proposal was made some time in August and was completed and approved by November.”

“The following month, we were notified through our developer that the land at our entrance (had been acquired) and that part of it will become the entrance for the new condominium.”

He added, “There was no communication at all with us as the affected parties. We were left in the dark – and suddenly, hit with a bombshell. No consultation, no meeting whatsoever.”

Beyond just the entranceway issue, there will be an additional 800 condominium units and affordable homes to be built on the parcel of land next to their building. It is learnt that a different route to the new condominium – on the other side of the parcel of land – was initially drafted by the developer, but residents of nearby terrace houses had objected to it.

Another JMC member, Dr PL. Narayanan, said that the planned narrowing of their condominium’s entranceway will pose a danger to residents who will have to make very sharp turns when driving into the development. He said, “Imagine having hundreds of vehicles entering and exiting the same small road. This is ridiculous and dangerous.” The residents are hoping that all parties involved in approving the project to hold discussions with them to find an amicable solution to the issue. Article in NST here. Penang condo residents fuming over dangerous encroachment of new project 

Hopefully a meeting could be held in the land office soonest possible and facilitated by the authorities. I think in this case, someone from the state government should be present. This is why people voted for them yeah. It will not be possible for a one-side-win-all kind of situation. Perhaps it’s best to get people with engineering expertise as well so that the solution can be based on alternatives and not just a debate on who’s right and wrong. Continuous delay is not beneficial for all parties. Will report as and when there are further updates.

written on 12 Feb 2019

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