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What’s your MUST-HAVE item? Is it the same as FEEL-GOOD item? Oops.

What’s a must-have item in your opinion. Could we distinguish between must-have and feel-good items?

Wow… you bought that latest smartphone model? (You know the brand…) I heard so many people were queuing for it since yesterday night! You are so lucky to be one of the first few to get it. You feel so good inside. Suddenly, you become everyone’s main happiness attention.

must-have item
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Hey, is that the limited edition handbag which is now the rage? The prices have risen 50 times higher in some online shopping space! So many wanted it but so few people has it. You feel do good inside. Maybe in the whole office tower, only you have the limited edition handbag.

Whoa, you got the highest spec. It means 8 surround sound speakers and the branded leather seats instead of the usual 4 and the standard leather seats. You were driving your colleagues out for lunch with your new car. You feel so proud. Your colleagues now see you as someone ‘higher-up’ than the rest with older or cheaper cars.

By the way, the latest smartphone brand will continue selling for at least the next 9 months until they announce another latest new model about to be launched. As for the ‘wow factor’ it will soon disappear when more people has the same model and it will be totally forgotten as soon as there are announcements for an upcoming new model. The cycle has not changed and will always continue.

Must-have item, a handbag

The limited edition handbag, it will not be the first time they (the brand) have limited edition and it will not be the last time too. How do we know this limited edition will be the best and most popular limited edition for the next 50 years? By the way, if we have just ONE handbag and we kept using the same one, the wow factor is also gone yeah…

Must-have Item, a car

A car with the highest spec is great but it usually comes with premium. Many times, have we ever wondered if we were buying it because we really need it? Without it, we will be unsafe (no air-bags), without it our enjoyment of songs will disappear totally (4 speakers vs 8 speakers) or the quietest tires so that noise from the road is reduced an additional 5%? If there are more noises, it will affect me so much that I will not want to drive a car?

By the way, if we have more than enough money in the bank and the interest per month alone is RM10k, then we could do a lot of extra stuffs. If we are already earning RM30k per month and that car instalment is just RM3k per month and we love the car, then go for it! If we already own many properties and is now looking for that upgrade into something which everyone would know that we have arrived (as a successful person, I mean rich) then by all means go ahead and buy it.

However, if all these MUST-HAVE are just FEEL-GOOD and we are not ready to pay so much for it or we will incur debts which will be tough to pay back, then be objective enough to just let it go. The time will come, just not now. Living your life to the fullest has very little to do with your new smartphone, new handbag or new car actually. Maybe joining a Toastmasters club and winning contests and coaching someone to speak better and leading a team is a better gauge instead?

Okay, okay, I admit, I have 30 pairs of shoes BUT my most expensive pair is just a Geox yeah. I have worked for 21 years, every year just buy an average of 1.5 pairs of shoes, not excessive, right? Happy understanding. Do read this article to see how much money is spent on must-have items… Article in

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