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Press Release: FindMeProp Aims to Change the Way Malaysians Experience Finding Property & Agents

Press Release by FindMeProp.

With the advent of Internet, the scenario has changed. Now a major share of property and real estate transactions takes place through websites that specialise in home listings. A real estate agency or agent sells their properties by marketing them to prospects. A website with properties listed is a good marketing tool for them to promote and advertise their properties through the platform. Most of real estate agencies and agents found it is a big opportunity for them to shine and leads the industry.

For real estate agents, technology is a double-edged sword that they could use it to their advantage or they may lose out if they cannot deal with the competition. The main concern would be, one would presume, that technology could easily cut off the services of an agent. But don’t worry, FindMeProp existence will not cut off any of Malaysia property agent services. While, our existence is to help Malaysia property agents to be among the top property agents. There are many big players in property listing business, and FindMeProp born out of the need for wider connections between buyers and sellers of properties.

How can FindMeProp help me to find the best property agent in Malaysia?

If you find yourself wanting to look at properties but are coming up short with options from your property agent or your own research, then FindMeProp is the right match for you! FindMeProp will help you get your Malaysia property. You are not only able to find property but FindMeProp also help you find agent!

FindMeProp is a property search engine and listing website that gives you access to properties in Malaysia and it caters to all your search and listing needs for properties for FREE! How do FindMeProp users do it?

All you have to do is earn points by searching or clicking on a property via FindMeProp. By earning points, you will be able to post properties on this website as well. If you are a property agent, this is the perfect deal for you! Just search and click on a property, earn and top up your points, and you can already post more properties for FREE!

Aside from having a wide array of property listings, FindMeProp also leads and gives you access to other various property listing platforms. So, if you think you need more options, you don’t have to visit more than 1 website because FindMeProp does the task in one search engine just for you.

With one click of your finger, get access to thousands of properties through FindMeProp. Convenient, time saving, and efficient — that’s FindMeProp for your property search and listing needs!

With FindMeProp, you can find your reliable property agent for your home buying, selling, and rentals. You also can do the searching by state, specialty, name, and agency to find real estate agent in Malaysia.

Is it FindMeProp Malaysia Free Property Listing Website?

In FindMeProp, we provide property listing and searching services for FREE. You read it right! All of the services listed above are for FREE! All the users would have to do is to earn and collect points in order to navigate through and use the services of FindMeProp. But don’t fret because absolutely NO CENT will be spent in earning these points!

Instead, sellers and buyers must use FindMeProp to search and click on properties. Upon searching and clicking on properties, they will already earn points. This is especially a great feature for property agents who can now earn as many points as they can to post as many properties as they need, too.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features FindMeProp has offer:

  • Agent searching
  • Property listing
  • Agent review
  • Agent comments
  • Property matching
  • Property analytics
  • Property searching Agent rating
  • Property selection tips and best practices
  • Linking to other property listing platforms
  • Information on property discounts and great deals
  • Connect yourself with professional property agents

FindMeProp is the fastest way to find the best property and agents. Search for the best property to buy & rent in Malaysia from the country’s top property agents.

What makes FindMeProp different?

FindMeProp, a real estate search website which is comprehensive, detailed and featuring search filters beyond pricing and home amenities. Our platform is designing as the latest trends and the best for Buyers, Sellers and finding agents in Malaysia real estate.

Our feature rich website:

  • Search — Our search process is functioning quickly and smoothly as can be. Just go to our application, type in the property and agents that you are looking for and hit the search button. Voila! It is the quickest way to find the best property and agents.
  • Compare — Now, this is something unique to FindMeProp. You can compare property in Malaysia. We give you access to deals and reviews from real people to help you decide on the properties you are eyeing. Not only is this very helpful, it also saves your time and effort of going to the properties that you are choosing from one by one by already sorting through the reviews.
  • Earning Points — Earn points by searching and clicking on properties. Earning 10 points will give you a chance to list one property on FindMeProp for free!
  • Property Viewing — And if after searching and comparing, you find the property that best suits your needs, styles, and comfort, book your date to visit the property with an agent. No need to scrunch your schedule because we will follow your convenient time.
  • Enjoy our support — If you ever find yourself needing some guidance through our app, our customer support is open from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM. All working days!

With a comprehensive range of Malaysian property listings on FindMeProp, discovering the right property and agents can be overwhelming. This is now made simpler and faster with Similar Property and Agent listings.

For more information on FindMeProp, you may connect with us by following our social media accounts:

And our official website:

— End of Press Release —

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