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9 things about Tuai Timur as a PERFECT property for someone  

Tuai Timur

[Sponsored Review] 9 things about Tuai Timur as a PERFECT property for someone  

I bought my first property in 2003.  It was an apartment with facilities. Swimming pool, gym and the usual. One main reason I bought it? I could afford it and it met many of my expectations. Wait a minute. MANY of my expectations? Why not ALL my expectations? Why not buy the PERFECT property as my first property? Some would say why not buy the DREAM home? Great thoughts indeed. Time to wake up to the reality and really enjoy what we are buying as our home sweet home.  

Always AIM at the perfect property! (my 20 years of buying high-rise units as below)

If it’s a perfect property which everyone likes, majority will fail to buy it because prices would have been pushed up so high because demand would far outstrip the limited number of units available. Let’s assume the perfect property we are talking about is 330 units within the whole development of 6.6 acres. (around 287,000 sq ft or roughly 5 football fields.) Have you tried running from one end to the other end of 5 football fields? 😊   

#1 – Perfect for people who loves / NEEDS to walk daily

In the world of strategy, when there is a threat, there is also an opportunity. After parking the car, Tuai Timur owner would have to walk along a 45m covered walkway to the building where the residence units are located. How far is 45m? It is roughly 100 steps depending on how big our every step is. Thus this may seem like a slight inconvenience but it’s also a great opportunity too. 

My doctor says running is not good for my knees now that I am just 4 years away from 50. However, he says sitting down the whole day is even worse. He recommends that I walk something like 10,000 steps a day. From my car park to my front door, it’s roughly 50m. I could only hit the required 10,000 steps if I do more than just walking to the car park and back to my unit. From my first property in 2003 till today, I have stayed in high-rise units. 😊  

Tuai Timur – Link Bridge

#2 – Perfect for people who prefers a mature township

Tuai Timur is located in Setia Alam. It’s not easy to get a more mature township than Setia Alam. So, if you must have a regional mall just 4km away, Tuai Timur fits the bill. It’s impossible to have a view of a secondary forest behind your condo and a view of a natural river in front of your condo.

If you prefer to be able to send and pick up your children from an international school, Tuai Timur is just 4.4km away from Tenby Schools.

If you love that weekly badminton session with friends or even your wife and her friends, Tuai Timur is just 5km away from Setia Alam Badminton Arena.

Sometimes, we need to drive a little to find a petrol station. As this is a mature township, refueling is super easy too. Petrol stations could be found all within the surrounding areas.

Tuai Timur is within a mature and established neighbourhood

Occasionally, if you like to just walk in a much bigger park with a lake, the Setia Alam Central Park is a mere 2.5km away. Here’s one review comment for it from online. “You may get fresh air, free gym and playground, great sweat with big smile here! Very much enjoy!”

Just need to also note that mature townships also meant that the population is big enough to accommodate all these shops, schools, malls and more. Any new township would not have enough population to support much economic activities. It’s always a balance yeah.

Living Room for show unit Type A
Living Room for show unit Type B

#3 – Perfect for working professionals with hybrid working mode or even those who are not working

The brochure says it takes 30 minutes to reach KL city. Let’s be honest. This is a mature township. Every day, there would be a big number of cars going to KL city. It will definitely take longer than 30 minutes which would work only when it’s not during peak hours. Therefore, one has to be prepared for the potential traffic jams if one has to travel to KL city every day.

However, if it’s hybrid working mode and the time is flexible, then one would enjoy the best of both worlds. A well-designed home in a mature township which is 30 minutes away from KL city on non-peak hours.

Dining area for show unit Type A
Dining area for show unit Type B

#4 – Perfect for someone who likes more space and a wheelchair friendly unit

Tuai Timur applied Universal Design (UD) for the design of the whole development. For the unit, as Tuai Timur was designed with wheelchair access width and spaces, this meant that as soon as step into the unit, we could feel the extra space. We step into the bathroom, the kitchen and going into the rooms, it gives us that extra space advantage. The reason is because Tuai Timur was designed so that even wheelchair users could turn. These extra thoughts are advantages for everyone and not just buyers who likes to ensure the unit is wheelchair friendly.

Beyond just the extra space, Tuai Timur has also included other UD applications such as anti-slip tiles (this is a super important feature for everyone, not just the elderly), ramps at the doorways & entrances, and the use of lever type of locksets and sanitary fittings.

Swimming pool is designed to prevent accidental fall

These are not all, the raised swimming pool is designed as such to prevent accidental fall and the playground is also fenced for the added security to children.

UD design meant that it caters to people with diverse abilities, makes it simple and intuitive to use, requires low physical effort and even appropriate size and space for approach and use and more

Bedroom 1 for show unit Type A
bedroom 1 for show unit Type B

#5 – Perfect for families with / planning for children

My son used to hate his elder sister because the elder sister prefers the main pool while he prefers the kiddie pool. Meanwhile I love to accompany them because I know they grow up very fast.

Tuai Timur clubhouse

Tuai Timur has wading pool, water splash pad, fenced playground, treehouse and children’s playroom. For families with young children, they would outgrow these child-friendly features one day. However, for the few years which they enjoy it, it would be a great family time and all of these within a safe environment. At the same time, these facilities are ready for future babies too!

Bedroom 3 for show unit Type A
Bedroom 2 for show unit Type B

#6 Perfect for that peace of mind on potential fire and safety emergency

Many years ago, I asked this question to the sales person. At the time, I also thought it’s a foolish question. “Is there fire sprinklers inside the unit?” The sales person smiled and said that fire sprinklers only available in common areas. Hey, now I know my question is not so foolish. 😊

In Tuai Timur units, fire sprinklers are located not just in common areas but it’s also already built within the unit itself. The fire escapes are also stretcher-accessible and there is also a protected fire refuge area on every floor too for wheelchair users and seniors to wait for rescue. Let’s wish we do not need to use this but it’s good planning to have it ready.

#7 Important fact about density, not just low or high density

Many years ago, a friend who was staying in a 500-unit development told me that my condo was high density because there were 700 units. My friend’s 300-unit development was 42 floors. If I am a visitor, there are just 6 visitor car parks right. A visitor could only drive to the lobby, make a turn to go back to the exit. The developer built that condo within a small piece of land.

Layout for Unit Type A
Layout for Unit Type B

When we look at the density, please remember that it also depends on the size of the whole development. It would also determine the kind of facilities which could be built for the development. If there are too few units, not only would the number of facilities be just a few but the maintenance fee is likely to be high because it is shared by far fewer units.  

Tuai Timur has 330 units and the total land size is 6.6 acres. When we browse through the number of facilities we would realize that this is a very balanced number of units as it allowed the development to have many important facilities. Too few units and the number of facilities would have to be reduced or the maintenance fees per unit would be very high. In fact because of the availability of land space, Tuai Timur has facilities such as a communal farm, a communical kitchen /dining, open lawns, pocket gardens and more.

#8 A good development will have good price appreciation

When we look at Setia Alam, we will definitely be comparing some landed developments at similar price range to Tuai Timur and we would then think that landed is better than high-rise. There’s no right and wrong and there’s very little need to debate. If one prefers a landed because the car can be parked right in front of the main door, a high-rise unit would never have this flexibility. However, if someone prefers a high-rise because it has a club house with many lifestyle facilities, then a typical landed property without all these facilities would not be a choice too.

However, if we are to look at just capital appreciation alone and thinks only landed has capital appreciation, then we are mistaken. Below are the actual median house price index for typical property types from 2010 all the way to Q2 2021. Landed Terrace has more than doubled in price but the high rise has nearly doubled in price too. This is also the reason why I am a fan of high-rise units and today own high-rise units across 6 cities and towns in Malaysia.

Info Source: NAPIC

#9 Perfect when the developer chose to build based on quality

This is what QLASSIC stands for. “Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Works is an independent method to access and evaluate primarily on the quality of workmanship and building projects based on the standards.”

QLASSIC is not compulsory for developments. This is because it is above and beyond the usual standards for typical developments. Tuai Timur chose to adhere to QLASSIC STANDARD and assessment. Briefly, the developer would have to construct Tuai Timur to fulfil the QLASSIC standard. This will provide peace of mind to buyers because this is above many developments without such a standard.


I have owned high-rise units for the past 20 years and have enjoyed moving 3 times; from one high-rise to another. The main reason was because every new high-rise has something which I liked more than the previous one. Maybe it’s the size (50% bigger than my current one), maybe it’s the design (A lot more greens), maybe it’s the location (walking distance to a mall) and maybe it’s the facility! (comes with a squash court).

I change, we change, the world changes. Design trends change. Lifestyle changes. This is why at this moment, when we are buying a property, look at all the qualities which we like and then we decide if that’s something we really want. 😊    

Any decision about something which involves many hundreds of thousands of ringgit or higher would need to be both logical and emotional. Happy visiting Tuai Timur and decide after understanding enough.  

Here’s the link to Tuai Timur’s e-Brochure too. (link)

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