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the KopiTalk #5 – Malaysian Property the best value in ASEAN, Really?

Updated 28th June 2020. The longest KopiTalk thus far in the series. 1.5 hours of non-stop learnings from Dr. Daniele Gambero. Feel free to watch the video for more information. Not just about Malaysia but many other countries within ASEAN too.

Yes, we have reached the 5th in the KopiTalk series. This time, my guest of honour is none other than my good friend, Dr. Daniele Gambero. He is Malaysia’s only Propenomist and he is also the Co-Founder and CEO of REI Group. He is a well sought after property speaker and I think he does probably 3 speeches every week. Thus, it has always been super hard to get him to have coffee with me and this time, I managed to secure an hour of his time.

The topic we will be going deeper is this, “Malaysian Property the best value in ASEAN, really?” When we talk about value, everyone would have their own idea. Highest growth in property prices for the last 10 years, is this considered the best value? The most stable growth within the last 10 years versus a fluctuating one, is this considered the best value? What about the advanced property market, is this the best value? They have transparency in transactions super fast versus some other countries where the data or information could only be available a quarter later, if not more.

Come and ask Dr. Daniele lots of questions yeah. I think he should be well prepared. Date is 27th June (Saturday). Time is 9pm. Click here to fill up a survey and be in the lucky draw for a very good property investment book; Property Investment Wisdom by Dr. Peter Yee.

See you soon yeah.

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