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the KopiTalk #15: Empowering SMEs through

Hmm… what is How does it actually help the SMEs or most of the time, new businesses? Many new businesses especially F&B outlets really do need our help and not where their profit is eroded extensively when they sign up for some of the more famous brands currently. Could a small group of successful corporate professionals help them using technology? What if this is not even going to be earning any money beyond sustaining operations? Could it be a possibility?

I met James in a cafe over a cup of latte and when he shared about, I thought this was his full-time venture. He clarified that this is a Corporate Social Responsibility which will help make the market become more open rather than to be monopolised by one or two main brands. Let’s listen to him sharing about how everyone of us could actually do something to help our fellow Malaysians who may be struggling to keep their business afloat, especially F&B ones.

Come and learn yeah. 2nd September 2020 at 9pm, sharp. Sign up here and get a chance to win in the lucky draw for a great property investment book, “Property Investment Wisdom”

This is Try it, you will love it too.

About James Tan

He is the managing director of Kai Assets Sdn Bhd, a development entity that has been focused and successfully delivered many quality boutique residential buildings and precints. Qualifications wise, he has a B.Sc (Commerce) from Deakin University, Australia majoring in international Business and E-commerce. This is his personal vision about how businesses will continue growing. “The future of business is synergies and collaborations. The success of business is tenacity and that relentless hustle.”

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