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Started with RM65 / month. Now worth RM33.8 Billion.

I love rags to richest stories. I personally think it’s much better to become rich because of one’s effort and not because of the family. 🙂 These days, if we have a great idea and we are able to ‘sell’ it to the world, we could become rich super fast. Company valuation of online companies are already much higher than many traditional brick and mortar companies in the world today. For example, FORBES estimated GRAB’s valuation at US$16 billion. Meanwhile Tan Chong Bhd’s market capitalisation is at RM1.16 Billion currently. The next story is not about online company but one engineering graduate who started working for US$16 (RM65) per month and today is worth US$8.3 billion. (RM33.8 billion).

Article in Wu Yajun was born in 1964 in Chongqing, China and studied at the Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an when she was 16 and left with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. She then worked at a factory for $16/month. In 1988, she was a journalist for the China Shirong News Agency. In 1993, Wu was inspired to start what would become known as Longfor Properties with her then husband, Cai Kui. Longfor sold its first property project in 1997 in Chongqing at $157 per sq metre and was one of the earliest shopping-mall developers in China. Wu was CEO from 2005 to 2011 then stayed as chair. She was the richest woman in China until 2012 when she got divorced and lost almost $3bil. In 2017, she was seventh on a global list of self-made women billionaires in 2017. Today, Wu is the richest self-made woman in the world, followed by Diane Hendricks who is worth $5.5bil. She avoids publicity and said this when asked why. “Well, I have nothing to talk about. I am just a person focusing on my own business.” Article in

Yes, Wu Yajun is another super-wealthy individual which is related to real estate. Perhaps that idea we have in our minds should just be property related instead? That’s why I have started mah. Haha. My story here. Journey to more than pocket money One of the fastest and easiest way to start anything with any idea is to write about it. Today, perhaps we could video ourselves talking about it and become a successful Youtuber earning many thousands every month. My friend, Cooking Ah Pa is already doing it. Okay, okay, I will start very soon. Remember to subscribe to my channel when I start ok. Till then, happy investing into our ideas.

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News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia. Article written and edited by Charles.

written on 2 March 2019

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