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Spending more money online? Yes for me. Stop mall visits? No…

I had a funny exchange of conversations with two good friends recently. Both are in their mid-30s. I learnt that both of them do not like to buy things online. One said he got cheated the very first time he bought something online. He said he saw a deal which was too good to resist, thus he paid for it and the thing never arrived. Frankly, if it’s too good to be true, it’s usually fake.

The second one said he has been browsing but not sure if he should trust the seller and going ahead. He said maybe if it’s not too expensive, he will try it. I told him that I buy things online on a weekly basis and my experience thus far has been good. Both of them did say that they may follow my advice. I told them it’s okay. Malls need more people like them too, not just those who shop online. So what’s happening to the online shopping scene here in Malaysia?

Article in ShopBack Malaysia country GM Eddy Han says that MALAYSIA’S top three e-commerce players, Lazada, Shopee, and Taobao experienced strong traffic growth within the first hour of one-day online shopping craze, the 12.12 sale. He said that if the comparison was for the same hour on an average day in December, then the growth was 800% higher!

He said, “The traffic and sales were 400% higher than the first hour recorded on Dec 12 last year. In terms of transactions, 95% of the buyers did via an app, while the remaining 5% used web transaction in the first hour of this year’s sale. The first-hour popular categories for shoppers were marketplace, e-wallet and travel.” More details in Article in

By the way, if I were to calculate, I think online shopping will comprise just 10-20 percent versus the shopping I do at malls. Perhaps I am one of those who still believe in speaking to someone, touching the thing I am about to spend money on as well as the trust I have for shops which have been around for sometime. Is it because I am a Gen-X? This one I am not so sure. Perhaps some of my readers could also respond?

Anyway, shopping is the best way to relax ourselves and money earned is also to reward ourselves too. If we keep saving, that saving will be spent by the next generation. Earlier article here: They will spend what you did not spend. Will I be buying more stuffs online? This is a foregone conclusion. Every time my daughter or my wife tells me about some stuffs they like, I will search online for it too. My son is still too young to tell me but soon he will also be telling me too. Happy shopping.

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