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Space is about usability, not just availability.

More space or less space matters little if the extra space could not be used easily or at least cheaply. It will thus be the same as less space and worst still if we paid for it. For example, my friend who was moving because he said that he wanted to provide more space for his family. With kids, landed is better. Well…  I still remember when I was young, my brother, my sister and I would run to the kids playground a few streets away to play. I was 13, brother was 8 and sister was 7. Our parents? Preparing for dinner at home. These days, every time I pass by the playground, there were hardly anybody. Perhaps it’s because the kids around the neighbourhood have all grown up? Or perhaps safety is now a concern or kids nowadays prefer tablets or smartphones instead? Hopefully not but I bring my kids to the playground every time I am home in Ipoh.
In my condo today, every 5pm till 730pm, kids are running around and some would be in swimming pools. (Main, jacuzzi and kids) It’s communal space no doubt but it’s being utilised. So many older folks are walking around the walking paths around the park. Are these facilities being used because most families with kids are now staying in high-rise units? Perhaps it’s because high-rise units are by far more affordable but offers enough SPACE that it’s comfortable? Let me share this article about a rising trend in Hong Kong too. South China Morning Post: Co-living the new norm for young professionals priced out of Hong Kong’s property market In brief, the article highlighted a trend for young professionals in Hong Kong to rent a room that comes with communal space. The reason is because it is much more affordable and everyone could still have more space compared to if they were to buy their own unit which is usually nothing more than just a micro-flat.
No, I certainly do not believe this is a trend in Malaysia anytime soon. We still have by far more choices instead of a 170 sq ft flat okay. However, the underlying two things we can take note of is that space is everything about usability. It is not about who owns it or even who pays for it. Secondly, due to affordability, it is possible for people to accept communal spaces which is actually usable space without owning and paying for it by themselves. There are more articles telling us that the younger generation are no longer properties. They also show a lot of calculation that it makes more sense. I personally disagree and if true, these younger generation better be earning a lot and saving a lot because they have no assets to hedge against inflation. Every time we think about buying that property, look not just at the price but also on all those space that is available that we could use. No, I am not taking about just 2 car park spaces or a small patch of grass along the side of the newer semi-detached homes. As for terraces, space will become ever more limited. Perhaps better to focus on the build up instead. As for the land space, hopefully we have access to them without the need to pay for them. Happy buying.
written on 16 Sept 2017
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Charles Tan

Charles is Founder of He writes from his investment experience for the the past 20 years in investments including property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry. is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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  1. Not possible for Malaysia to have a 175sf unit?
    Allow me to stretch your imagination. When technologies disruptive influence can be so advance, why do we need space? If your items both personal and non personal, that you don’t need space to store but will manifest in a bin or container when you want it via your hand phone. To shower, a standing space without excesses for movements, to sleep, the same gadget that shower you,become horizontal to cater your sleep position and so on, et al. No need for space for wardrobe, cooking, clothes drying etc.
    Do not underestimate technology, a day will come when you don’t need space to perform daily activities. With driverless cars and Uber, we don’t need cars and parking spaces already. When work offices and functions can be performed from home computers or handphones, we need not commute to work thus saving spaces for travelling, offices etc.
    It is already obvious that functions of banks, property/insurance purchases, shopping malls and many jobs will be lost in the foreseeable future, jobs and space will be trimmed down, it won’t be long, when homes need not be so spacious, work spaces become redundant and travelling for work are much lessened with driverless and auto moving transporters. No need for roads but unmanned piloted vehicles flying all over which will bring you home in your highrise condos through your balconies.

    1. Thanks Disrupter. Perhaps it may really happen and yes I do believe in technological advances. However, I hope I will not live in this new world that you described. I have always loved to soak myself in a bathtub. Even for shower, I sit on the floor half the time. Until today, I drive a manual car and not comfortable with automatic all the way. I want to feel my drive. UBER and GRAB? Yea, whenever I am in unfamiliar places, I always use them. Work performed from home is something I disagree. Nothing beats a handshake actually. That trust and friendship which started from one business deal for example. As for all those losses of jobs, let’s hope we are able to keep up and change sufficient so that we continue to be useful. I love your description actually. And yes, I have to agree many of these are happening even as I watch my two kids grow up.

  2. Oh my god, still trying to advertise your damansara damai unit – the price of which is dropping, btw. Give you a hint, the communal spaces are crowded because there are too many units (typical of MKland projects). And they don’t go out since damansara damai is full of dodgy foreigners and lower income people staying in those low cost flats that D/Damai is full of. You want good things for your kids, do consider upgrade yourself to PJ or better location.

    1. Thank Jim for the hints. As for prices dropping, except for a few usual places, prices are inching downwards, generally. Even those 7 figures are now 6 figures. Good for buyers really. As for the actual transacted prices, do take a look at Key in any project name and let it show actual transaction numbers. Always stay transparent yeah.
      Happy buying in the PJ that everyone loves! Take care and Cheers.

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