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Roadside megastore by Uniqlo. Definitely worth a visit.

Latest Update. It’s OPEN yeah. HOWEVER, visiting next week is okay too. It will still be around yeah.

roadside megastore by uniqlo

— endof update —

Original article: Before COVID-19 arrived, I visit Uniqlo often. Usually it’s in the mall. Now there’s a roadside megastore by Uniqlo in progress. I have many Uniqlo branded clothing. Probably 20 or more over the years. I think it’s comfortable even if the price is very slightly higher than the usual local brands we see in malls. By the way, if you still do not know this brand, it’s okay to skip this article yeah. This roadside megastore by Uniqlo will be the FIRST in Malaysia, fifth in the world and third in ASEAN.

From Uniqlo Malaysia’s FB page, this is their message:

As we mark UNIQLO’s 10th anniversary in Malaysia this November, we are happy to announce that our FIRST roadside store at DA Square @ Damansara Avenue will be opening soon! This UNIQLO store will be a roadside, community-based store in Bandar Sri Damansara, surrounded by residential townships, schools and office buildings.

It has been carefully designed to ensure enough space and accessibility for all, including families with children, elderly people and people with disability, and will feature its own car park for our customers.Stay tuned for the launch in December 2020.*Images shown of UNIQLO Roadside Store at Bandar Sri Damansara are artist impressions only.

Roadside megastore by uniqlo

— end of message —

Click here to go to their FB page.

Yes, it’s in Sri Damansara. I think they have chosen an area where there’s already a big population and still growing. So, once it opens, Sri Damansara would have two megastores. The other one is for sports equipment which I frequent often before COVID-19 arrived. That store is Decathlon. (earlier article here). Now, everyone could come to one place and visit their favourite megastores.

By the way, there’s no need to buy a property nearby just so you could visit this new roadside megastore by Uniqlo yeah. If you happened to like Sri Damansara, then by all means buy one. Else, anyone staying nearby within a few km could drop by to this Uniqlo at anytime. One of the most important thing about megastore would be the choices available. Perhaps some exclusive items could also be sold only in this megastore to get even more people to visit. It’s just one month away. Happy waiting!

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