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Resorts World Genting reopens! Anyone going up yet?(Not everything is open yet)

Before COVID-19 arrived, every time I am up in Resorts World Genting Highlands, I could see why it is a profitable entertainment resort. There are people everywhere. In September 2020 when we were allowed to travel, I went up to Genting Highands and this time, the number of visitors have gone down tremendously. Of course one major reason would be the lack of foreign visitors. The days when coaches after coaches arriving in Genting Highlands on a daily basis were not happening anymore.

In this September 2020 trip, I had dinner at that famous fish and chips from the UK; The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden. I think the place could be considered 70 percent full but that’s also because of the need for social distancing, thus the tables were further apart from one another and the number of customers are thus limited. I read a good news today. Resorts World Genting has REOPENED. Today is 17th February 2021.

Resorts World Genting

Article in the Resorts World Genting has reopened yesterday after temporary suspension of its operations due to the movement control order (MCO). On its website, Resorts World Genting (RWG) issued a notice announcing they are reopening at 6pm, 16th February with adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP).

Here’s what’s open at RWG:

  • Genting Grand Hotel
  • Genting Casino
  • Genting Club
  • Genting Club Private Gaming
  • Malaysian Food Street (MFS)
  • Seasons
  • 360 Bar
  • L’titude

Do note that the gaming and casino areas are open to GRC members only. Additionally, guests can now make reservations for future stays at the resort. Do refer to the full article in Article in the

Anyone making plans to go up yet?

Based on the current situation, I think the number of visitors may be even lower than the time I visited in September 2020. This is temporary yeah. One thing is quite sure. Resorts World Genting is now ready for visitors again. If they did not hire many new people, it also meant that they would have continued to pay the basic salary of their existing employees while waiting for the time to reopen.

It also meant that as soon as Malaysia goes back into CMCO especially Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, the number of visitors would increase again. There are easily 10 million potential visitors just within these few states right next to Resorts World Genting yeah. Another reason is because too many people has been staying home for far too long and really need a cooling place to just relax and SPEND MONEY.

Happy visiting and feeling positive again. For some of the us who may be inside the casino in the near future, happy feeling lucky again. (Just remember, the ultimate winner is usually the casino…)

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