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Property news: Without a home, then it is homeless

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Property news: Without a home, then it’s homeless

Since I have written many times why property is compulsory, today let’s take a rest and just read what media is writing all around the world. Governments definitely are trying to do something about it. However when it comes to the level of homelessness, then the options are not many. Somehow it has to be provided. We arenot at the level of encouraging them to buy one. Or providing them tax benefits to buy one. For this level, just need to somehow provide to them a place to stay.

All these are news about people without a home; homeless.

USA – Article in Cities are asking the Supreme Court for more power to clear homeless encampments In 2018, a federal court issued a consequential decision about homelessness in America: People without housing can’t be punished for sleeping or camping outside on public property if there are no adequate shelter alternatives available.

Australa – Article in Here’s What Really Happens When You Become Homeless in Australia “Australia’s homelessness crisis has been exacerbated by the long-term absence of a serious and sizeable commitment to building new social and affordable homes,” Mission Australia’s CEO Sharon Callister told VICE. “The ongoing severe lack of appropriate social and affordable housing is clearly evidenced in the worrying rise in people in temporary accommodation unable to move into long-term homes.”

London – Article in London councillors approve 3 homeless hub locations, including Fanshawe Park location London’s city council has approved funding for three local social organizations to set up and operate the first of an expected 15 hubs to service the city’s unhoused population in a series of votes Thursday.  “This is a milestone moment for our community and a testament to our unwavering dedication to addressing the health and homelessness crisis,” said Mayor Josh Morgan.

Canada – Article in Toronto city council declares homelessness an emergency Toronto city council has declared homelessness an emergency in the city and has agreed to change when warming centres are activated in winter months. At its meeting Friday, council voted to open warming centres when the temperature falls to –5 C or colder or when Environment Canada issues freezing rain, snow squall, winter storm, snowfall and blizzard warnings.

What we achieve tomorrow depends on what we do today

All these do not happen overnight. People say property price is no longer affordable today. I like to remind everyone that property price will always be affordable to people when it’s not a priority. My parents were earning monthly salary of hundreds of ringgit when they had to buy a property of tens of thousands. It was so unaffordable then because even banks’ loans are very hard to get. Not to mention getting a job itself is super tough too.

Make it a priority

Do not overspend and save the extra money. Work harder and move up. Gain more experience and knowledge and spend time to read and learn versus watching some K-drama. Seriously, it’s just a balance. Enjoying life is essential, else we will be too tired to move on. However, all play and no work will soon come back to haunt us in the future. Just as that unaffordable thought today about property price will always linger on even as the years pass by.

To wish for a property price crash is NOT the best because when a crisis happens, are we sure we could still keep the current job? During a crisis, would banks lend? Happy understanding.

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