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Property market forecast on April Fool’s day

Reminder. This is a prediction made on 1st April 2014. Accuracy or even reality may be far away from any truths whether yesterday, today or tomorrow. Read and then please forget about it.
Property launchings. There would be queues stretching kilometres in all the launchings today because no one would believe what the developers are selling. Some could not believe it when told that developers no longer give discounts. Now you buy One, you get Another one FREE. The second one must be same price or lower. Every new property booked would entitle you to free fried mee hoon and black coffee. No food if you do not sign.
Property prices. It is forecasted that the buyer price and the seller price are now way too different from each other. Seller are asking for 20% above market rates while buyers are asking for 20% below market rates. Due to the 40% difference in price there has been zero transactions today. Some buyers were seen debating with sellers on whose price is the right price.
Property agents. They are all on strike and demanding for an increase in agent fee. They said due to professional work being done by then and that the exams are getting harder to pass, the agent fee should be at 20%. With this rate no one would need to moonlight as security guards. It does seem that they may get this adjustment! Today, there’s a march towards the MIEA office, together with their family members to show off the many mouths they ned to feed.
Property developers. Today all the developers are going to climb Mount Kinabalu as part of the 2014 Developer’s Award. Every developer is represented by their CEO and the first ten CEOs to reach the peak would win this year’s top ten best developers in Malaysia. The last ten in this climbing contest would be crowned, top 10 worst developers. For them, better not develop anything this year. It is rumoured that some companies are promoting their junior staffs who can climb fast to be new CEO.
Last but not least, the rumour that may be writing an article which holds no truths whatsoever on 1st April 2014 may turn out to be true. To those who can read until this last sentence, thank you. Happy April Fool’s Day!
Written for fun.
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Charles Tan

Charles is Founder of He writes from his investment experience for the the past 20 years in investments including property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry. is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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